20 Ways to use Wet Bags

I am so grateful that I decided to give Cloth Diapers a shot. Cloth diapers were my gateway to reusable products. They opened my “green” eyes and since then I am trying to switch to reusable products as much as possible. One fun product that cloth diapering introduced to me were Wet Bags! What are they? They are reusable,zippered bags that are odour proof and leak proof. The primary use of wet bags are to store dirty diapers when out and about. Just like Cloth diapers these bags come in absolute gorgeous prints but unlike Cloth diapers their life span extends even after your child is potty trained. Honestly,I have bought more wet bags for personal use than to store cloth diapers. Here’s a list of ways how you can put wet bags to use:

Small or Mini Wet Bags:

  1. To carry breast pads or a manual breast pump while you are out and about.
  2. To store baby wipes and Les Produits De maya liniment.
  3. To carry cloth Pads/ menstrual cups
  4. To carry medicines or as a first-aid kit
  5. To store Stationary supplies.

My favourite small wet bags are AppleCheeks Mini Zips, Colibri Mini and Smart Bottoms Mini.

20 ways to Use Wet Bags

Medium Wetbags:

  1. To carry travel documents – passports,boarding passes,etc
  2. To carry wallet, phone, car keys and other items needed for a quick shopping trip.
  3. To carry toiletries
  4. as a makeup pouch
  5. to carry toys while travelling
  6. Carry snacks and sippy cups.
  7. For colouring books and colour pencils.
  8. as a sandwich bag
  9. To carry sunscreen, bug spray while going to the park.

My favourite Medium wet bags are Funky Fluff Clutch, Nuggles wallet, Smart bottoms Small wet bag and Colibri Small bags.

20 ways to use Wet Bags

Large Wet Bags:

  1. Use it as a gym bag
  2. To store baby carrier – wrap, ring sling even a SSC
  3. To carry swim suits, towels and swim diapers.
  4. Use it as a trash receptacle in the car
  5. as a laptop cover.
  6. Use it to store dirty kitchen towels,paper cloth till laundry day.

My favourite ones are Funky Fluff, Smart Bottoms, Colibri and AppleCheeks Size 1 storage sac.

20 ways to use Wet Bags

This list is not exhaustive. I’m sure there are so many ways you can use wet bags. These are a genius invention of a product and everyone should have one or many wet bags. To get you started on hoarding wet bags we are giving away ONE COLIBRI REGULAR WETBAG to one of my lucky readers.

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