If you are not familiar with Omaiki brand of products ,then you have been living under a rock. Omaiki is blooming with their new improvised cloth diaper designs and by adding more eco-friendly products that encourage zero waste lifestyle. Everyone who cloth diapers should atleast give Omaiki a try, if not monopolize your stash with this brand. Omaiki has a variety of cloth diaper styles to choose from; Omaiki Orion fitted is one of the night time diapers that we use every forthnight with my heavy wetters. Now, Omaiki Cabrio works out to be a reliable daytime solution for us.

Cabrio Hybrid Cloth Diaper System:

The Cabrio line of diapers is an All in two style which is a two part cloth diapering system. Cabrio is the waterproof shell that needs to be combined with Evo insert for a complete One Size cloth diapering system that works for babies from 8-40 pounds. The Evo insert is a long snake style insert that can be folded in two or more layers to fit under the shell. Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot sells Evo insert individually and also as a 3- pack.

Design, Fit & More :

The fit of the diaper along the waist can be adjusted using the two rows of waist snaps. The diaper can be tailored to fit babies across different weight range by snapping or unsnapping the rise snaps. The Cabrio cover offers four different sizing – smallest, small, medium and large. The smallest setting with the cross over snaps can be used to fit babies around 8 pounds, and the large size can take you all the way up to 40 pounds.

Omaiki Cabrio diaper review

Cabrio shell is lined with a microsuede outer lining all around the body. Omaiki advertises Cabrio as a hybrid cloth diaper system, in which the outer shell gets reused for two or three diaper changes. With covers that are 100% lined with PUL, this is entirely possible. But with covers like Cabrio which has a fabric lining, the cover inevitably gets wet with pee negating the reusability of the diaper. There are a  lot of difference of opinions about whether covers like Cabrio are reusable or not. I know that some people are blessed with light wetting children who happily reuse the shells multiple times (Simply Mom Bailey I’m looking at you) Bailey wrote a post on night-time cloth diapers for light wetters, and I was blowing steam out of my ears. Anyway, I’m  not one of those lucky mamas. My kids are slightly on the heavy wetting side, and at least part of the cover gets soaked in urine after every single use. This doesn’t seem to bother me much though.Why? Because there are times, I don’t reuse even the PUL lined covers when the elastics get a little damp with pee. Yes! I’m that nitpicky. The Cabrio cover is one the fastest drying cover. It can be line dried overnight and can be added back to your stash next morning.  You can even handwash the Cabrio Shell and let it air dry and do away with fewer covers in your stash.

Omaiki Cabrio Hybrid diaper review

Horse power Absorbency:

My favorite thing about the Cabrio diaper system is the design of the inserts. The long style inserts are very customizable; it can be folded in different ways to suit my absorbency needs. It comes handy since I have a boy and a girl whose primary area of absorbency differs from north to south. What I mean by this is that you can add more layers of fabric where your child needs the most. My boy and girl require different types of absorbency in their diapers. I get customized absorbency with Evo insert by folding it more in the front for my boy and at the back for my girl.It was one of the favorite features about the Omaiki’s Orion diaper, and it continues to be my favorite with the Cabrio as well.

The next best things has to be natural and stay dry option that Evo inserts offer. Although I never use the bamboo side, it’s a nice option to have if one day I wake up and decide to go all natural. I do like natural inserts for absorbency; microfiber doesn’t cut it for us. But I like the stay dry feeling that synthetic fibers offer. So the combination of both is a huge hit here. The absorbency of the inserts is top notch. Evo inserts can easily hold 3 hours worth of pee which makes this ideal for short trip in the car or even for extended nap time.

Little Miss is on the smallest rise setting with Cabrio and hence I trifold the inserts inside the cover. By tri-folding I get enough absorbency to get me through car rides and nap time, The bamboo inserts when tri-folded can seem a little bulky if you’re used to trim diapers. I’m all for #teamfluff . Seriously what’s not to love about them?

Omaiki Cabrio hybrid cloth diaper review

The next best thing about the Cabrio is the double snap closure. I find the double snap closures to be easier to use and better to get a better fit with babies with different stature. I can tighten the diaper around the waist and legs for my skinny, lean toddler. And I can make it a little looser to fit my baby girl with chubbier thighs.As you can see, I have pulled the waist snapped closer and kept the leg snaps a little looser for Little Miss here in the below picture. One of least favorite thing about this diaper has to be two rise snaps. It gives us an awkward diaper bulge in the front and makes it look very unpleasant. I prefer three rise snaps for this reason, but as long it doesn’t intrude the function of the diaper it’s seriously no big deal.

Omaiki Cabrio hybrid cloth diaper review


Omaiki Cabrio is a great diaper, and I still hold my stand when I said that everyone should give Cabrio a try. And if you are still on the fence I give you five good reasons why you NEED to try Omaiki Cabrio:

  1. Because you want to keep it simple : Hybrid diapers are simple to use. It’s seriously a no-brainer. You grab the waterproof shell, fold the Evo insert, place it on the cover ad wrap it around your baby’s bum.
  2. Because you want to save money:  Omaiki recommends that you need 8-12 shells and 24 inserts for a complete stash which will cost you less than 500 dollars. You can cut down cost further by sewing your own insert , or with Flour sack towels or by using prefolds. Although, I highly recommend the Evo insert because Read 3.
  3. Because you want an absorbent diaper : If you have heavy wetters, I feel you. I know you’re tired of leaky diapers and soaked sheets. Do you throw away the default microfiber inserts and replace them with natural fibers? You are my soul mate! Evo insert will meet all your heavy wetter absorbency needs.
  4. Because you want to support Canadian businesses : How many times did you step back from local products because it was hurting your pocket? Lost count? Me too! Now I don’t have to tighten my belt to support local businesses. Companies like Omaiki makes it possible for families with average income to support local.
  5. Because you like a sleeping baby: Who doesn’t? Thank goodness for stay dry layers ,and Evo inert comes with an AWJ stay dry option that I’m currently loving. For those who don’t need a stay dry, just flip the insert out ,and you have an all natural bamboo layer if you prefer to have natural fibers touching the skin.

Omaiki Cabrio hybrid cloth diaper review

Where can I get Omaiki Cabrio ?

You can buy them directly from Omaiki’s website or purchase it from Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot using my Affiliate link and support my blog and a local cloth diaper retailer. CCDD also offers Free Shipping on all orders in Canada and US (over 60).

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Omaiki Cabrio hybrid cloth diaper review



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Omaiki Cabrio cloth diaper review