Newborn diapers are teeny tiny and absolutely adorable. It is such a delight to see itty bitty babies in those itty bitty diapers! But unfortunately they are not very absorbent. Princess outgrew all of her newborn diapers in absorbency way before she outgrew them in size. Unless I change it every hour there was no way these diapers could keep up with her torrential pee. Is there a way to extend the life of these miniature cuties, I wondered. So here are the ways I tried to boost the absorbency of my newborn diapers.

Newborn Boosters:

This seems like a no brainer. But if you are like me who did not think the need to buy these boosters this is your wake up call. Newborn boosters from Easy Peasies can be purchased separately. If I have another baby I will definitely stock up on these boosters and use it with every newborn diaper.

Boosters for newborn diapers

Cloth wipes:

Cloth wipes are made of different materials like  cotton, flannel or bamboo. They are thick and absorbent. Using cloth wipes is a very wise move when you are already using cloth diapers. You can fold these wipes and use them as newborn boosters. I usually tuck them into the pockets (if there is one) or simply place these wipes in between the inserts.

See below how I use GroVia wipes on Smart Bottoms Born Smart.

How to boost newborn diapers

Newborn prefolds:

My favourite prefolds are the Bummis ones. Their preemie sized prefolds are perfect to be trifolded and tucked into an newborn all in one diapers. Ofcourse it added some bulk to the diaper but that was the only way I could get away from changing diapers around the clock. I could easily tuck these prefolds into most of my aio’s – Smart Bottoms, Blueberry, Sweet Pea.

Below is Smart Bottom Born Smart (orange) and Smart Botton Born Smart(indigo) stuffed with a prefold. As I said it is considerably bulky! But it’s just as bulky as TotsBots Teeny Fit,which is one of the most absorbent newborn diaper in the market.

How to boost newborn diapers

Amp 2 ply booster:

This was readily available in my stash so I gave it a go. It worked super awesomely in terms of absorbency but again it was quite bulky. To be able to fit this booster into the diaper, I would fold it at the bottom. This was much needed for Princess because she needed great absorbency at the back without which many diapers were prone to leak.

How to boost newborn diapers

Make your own:

If you have any sewing skills then you can make your own boosters. Old cotton t-shirts or bed sheets,tea towels, terry towels can be cut up and used as boosters.Remember to choose clothes that do not transfer colour (you don’t want all your diapers look rosy, do you?) How to make Cloth Diaper Inserts from items you have is a great post if you want to satisfy your DIY itch!

How long did your newborn diapers last you? How did you boost your newborn diapers?