Hi! Welcome to my little space! I am Nancy. I am a Jesus lover, a wife to a handsome man and a mother of precious 2 kids.

I am originally from India,moved to Regina,Saskatchewan in January 2014 to be with my husband. I am a Quantitative Research Analyst by profession and a blogger by passion. I have a Bachelors in Statistics & Mathematics and also have a Diploma in Actuarial Science. It goes without saying that I love crunching numbers and breaking my head with complex equations.I also love travelling,getting to know new people,listening to music and reading a good book.

I am currently in my maternity leave, riding a roller coaster with my ever-so-energetic toddler and an adorable baby girl.

This blog is to treasure the little steps that I take to raise my kids in an eco-friendly way.I share my thoughts about pregnancy, cloth diapers and other green living ways.

I’m glad you stopped by and would love to get to know you more. Drop me a message on my Facebook page or connect with me using my contact form.

By His Grace,