Ameda Manual Breast Pump Review

A good quality breast pump is a must-have when you embark on your breastfeeding journey. Ameda manual breast pump was my first breast pump purchase when I was expecting Little Man. After a lot of brain wrenching, I settled on this pump and I’m not disappointed. After 2 years of pumping, rinsing and repeating, it is still in a commendable shape. If you are only going to be pumping once in a while, then a manual breast pump, like Ameda, is all you’d every need to meet your pumping needs. Ameda Manual Breast pump is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. I picked up mine from ToysRus and it came with the following parts:

  • 1 x Hand Pump Adapter
  • 1 x medium breast flange (25mm)
  • 1 x 4oz bottle
  • 2 x Valves
  • 1 x Lock tight Bottle Lids
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

There seem to be different types of packages that come with some additional parts like milk storage bags, carry case or sample disposable nursing pads etc., The price might also vary slightly as per the accessories it comes with. Ameda Manual pump fits perfectly into my hands. The pump works by squeezing the adapter with one hand.The suction and speed of the pump can be varied as per your needs. When I was bleeding with blisters, Ameda manual pump was the only one I could use, as I found the electric pump to be extremely painful. The parts are easy to configure, cleans well and stores compact in my AppleCheeks MiniZip. It takes me about a minute to assemble and disassemble the pump. I used this pump extensively while nursing Little man. I would pump once a day, just enough to substitute one feeding, when Hubby takes over. A single pumping session would last about 15 minutes on one side, after which I switch breasts. I was comfortable using this pump, it doesn’t hurt my hands. I can either gloat that I have mastered pumping with one hand while browsing Facebook on the other or simply state the fact that the design is super user-friendly.

With Little Miss, pumping sessions have certainly been curtailed. These days, I only pump to relieve engorgement. Little Miss is eight months and I have never given her a bottle! No, I’m not trying to flaunt, I simply dread adding another mundane task – washing and sterilizing bottles, to my never-ending list of chores.

The medium flange (25mm) that came with the set was the right fit for me. Ameda also offers reducing inserts that fit inside a medium flange, for smaller busted women. 3 larger size flanges are available to fit over bigger breasts. Replacement parts are also available if something gets lost or falls prey to prying toddler hands. Ameda Manual Breast Pump is easy to use while on the go. No batteries to change or hunting down an electrical outlet. It can also be used as a spare pump, to keep it in your travel bag or in your car. Ameda Manual pump is reasonably priced and very economical.

Ameda Manual hand pump review


If you are pumping occasionally, then Ameda Manual Breast Pump is an excellent choice. It is ergonomic, affordable and gets the job done. If you are pumping exclusively, I would recommend investing in an electric pump. Ameda also makes impressive electric pumps.


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Disclosure: I purchased this product for my personal use. I share only my honest opinions with you.