I am so excited to write my first cloth diaper review. I have just tried amp diapers and they are already my favorite ones and I am so happy to be reviewing them.


So let’s get started,


The make:

Amp diapers are proudly Canadian made, locally made in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are made by Annie Marie Padorie which was later abbreviated as AMP. Annie is a mom of 7 kids and it’s her search for comfortable cloth diapers for her kids led to the invention of AMP.


The design:

AMP diapers are a one size diapers which would fit a baby from 7 – 38 pounds. I always prefer one size diapers as opposed to sized diapers because they are more economical. I like that they come in a rainbows of colors and some adorable prints so there is a lot of options to choose from.

They can be used as either a pocket diaper as well as All – In – Two. I.e. you can either stuff the inserts inside (pocket) or just place the insert on the cover (AI2).I primarily use it as a pocket diaper because I personally prefer pocket diapers. Also my idea of AI2 is to be able to reuse the cover for multiple diapers changes which is not quite possible with Amp OS duo because the fleece gets wet.


It has a waterproof PUL cover and the inside is made of ultra-soft micro fleece which acts as a stay dry layer. The pocket opening is in the front which ensures minimal contact with poop. I always take the inserts out before I put the soiled diapers in the pail so the front opening works great for me. AMP OS has a generous pocket so there is lots of room to stuff the inserts with ease.


The AMP diapers have both front and back elastics which provide a snug fit even on my skinny baby. Prince is a tummy sleeper so it’s hard to find diapers that don’t leak from the tummy. The front elastics in AMP OS does a wonderful job in preventing tummy leaks.


It has 2 rows of hip snaps and 3 rows of rise snaps which can be adjusted to fit your baby from birth to potty.I wish the rise snaps had an additional snap in the middle (3 snaps vs only 2) as sometimes the diaper sticks out a little bit and doesn’t give a smooth finish. I also wish there was a cross – over snap which would make it ideal to fit smaller new born babies.

The ruffles in the leg are too cute that I was afraid it would seem girly on my boy but no!they are just absolutely adorable.. The elastics on the leg are very gentle and stretchy making it easier to get a good fit around the legs without leaving any marks. The elastics on the leg, back and front does a great job in containing the messes inside. Nothing peeks out of this diaper.


Insert options: I love that you can just buy the covers separately and customize it with any insert that will suit your baby needs. AMP offers 3 types of natural fiber inserts – 2 layer hemp, 3- layer hemp and 2 – layer bamboo and a micro fiber insert. I would recommend using natural fibers any given day. They also have boosters to add extra absorbency for longer trips or night time.

The inserts that I got with the covers are the 2 ply hemp inserts.i am not impressed by these inserts. I have been having leg leaks just after 2 hours using these inserts. So I have been using bummis organic prefold along with amp 2 ply hemp booster which lasts 4 hours easily. No leaks!



I think they are competitively priced . A cover plus insert would cost you anywhere between 24$ – 30$ depending on the inserts you choose. Given the quality of the diapers and their performance I think it’s a good price. If you want to build your stash with AMP I recommend buying them as a package (http://www.cozybums.ca/AMP-One-Size-Duo-MEGA-AMP-package_p_578.html).

Over all :

I love the design and functionality of the diaper. When you hold them in your hands you will know that they are made with high quality materials with utmost attention to detail and will definitely last longer.

Do you have amp diapers in your stash? How do you like them? Let me know your thoughts.