Most of my cloth diaper stash consists of One-Size diapers except for a few Size 1 Thirsties covers. Two-size covers/ diapers do not really provoke my interest but I’m all ears the moment you talk about a new OS diaper hitting the market. Last year, When I was pregnant with Little Miss A, AppleCheeks, a Canadian cloth diaper tycoon announced their newest release of One Size diapers. I squeaked with joy to try this prestigious brand and possibly add them to my ever-growing stash. I rented out newborn diapers from Calgary Cloth diaper Depot. I requested Miranda to add one of each – Size 1, OS & a Size 2 AC cover for me to test drive and get a feel of how sized and one size covers work on my newborn & toddler.


The OS diaper is marketed as an All In Two system. AI2 is where you can re-use the shell if the diaper is not pooped in.You can simply toss the peed insert and replace it with a fresh one and re-use the cover. I almost always stuff the inserts inside the pocket opening. One Size diapers are an addition to the AppleCheeks family along with their classic 3 sized covers. The design of the One Size cover is very much similar to that of their sized covers. Pocket opening in the middle, the extolled AC leg ruffles, elastics at the front & back, microfleece as a sty dry top, all remain the same. The OS diaper comes with 3 rows of rise snaps. The diaper has a double snap closure. No cross over snaps. Designed to fit from 6 – 35+ lbs.

AppleCheeks One Size diaper Review

I don’t really like the pocket placement in this diaper. The pocket is purposefully placed in the middle, so that inserts can agitate out in the washer. Thankfully, we have a top loader with a central agitator, so I can spray the poopy diaper and throw them in the wash. But when this is not the case, you inevitably touch the poopy diaper to pull the inserts out.

AppleCheeks One Size diaper Review

One Size vs Size 1 :

We tried AppleCheeks Size 1 and OS cover with Little Miss A when she was around 8ish lbs. I’m 100% sure it would have fit her right from birth at around 5lbs. Both Size 1 and OS were a great a fit around 8 lbs. The elastics gently hugs her legs and waists resulting in an astounding fit! Little Miss A is now 14lbs and still fits into both size 1 and OS covers. We use the AppleCheeks Microterry insert (folded at the back) with a booster. I hardly ever get a symmetrical snap closure with Little Miss and AppleCheeks is no exclusion. I don’t really have a preference fit wise at this stage for Little Miss. Both Size 1 and OS are looks equally good on her right now.

AppleCheeks One Size diaper Review

One Size VS Size 2:

The odds are totally in favour of OS covers when tried on my skinny toddler.  Little Man J will be 2 years old this month and weighs 21 pounds. He is a tornado of a toddler and seems to burn all the calories from his constant running around. Size 2 cover failed to sit tight around his skinny legs. The picture doesn’t precisely capture the ill-fit of size 2 on Little Man. The diaper was saggy in the front & back with big leg gaps when he sits down.This is a typical scenario where 2 size diaper systems fail. The OS cover redeems you from this awkward situation when your kid is too big for size1’s but are too small to fit into a size 2. I simply adore the way OS fits Little Man. We use AppleCheeks 3ply inserts stuffed inside the pocket for him. The 3 ply inserts are super absorbent and lasts for 3 hour stretches.

AppleCheeks One Size diaper Review

What I Love :

  • High quality Canadian Made diaper.
  • Designed to fit 6-35+.
  • Slim design that gives an astounding fit.
  • Stay dry fabric on top.
  • Ruffles at the legs & back to contain poop.
  • Adorable range of solids & prints.

What I Like Less:

  • Pocket opening in the middle.

The Verdict:

Will these OS covers take you from newborn to potty training and eliminate the need to buy sized diapers? Well, I think it depends on the build and physique of your baby. I birth tiny human beings. In our case, I am positive that OneSize covers are a better bet than investing in sized covers. If your baby falls in the average curve of the growth chart, then OS covers should serve you well. As a seasoned OS user, I’m psyched that AppleCheeks made an OneSize cover and I am secretly coveting all their limited editions 😉

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