BumGenius is a well-known name in the cloth diaper world. I used bumGenius pocket diapers with my son and loved them.I was very eager to try their newborn diapers on my baby girl.

BumGenius newborn diaper is an All in One diaper designed to fit babies from 6 – 12 pounds. I started using this diaper on my baby girl from 2 weeks after her umbilical cord fell.

BumGenius Newborn diaper


It is a  All In one diaper where the absorbent material is sewn together with the outer waterproof layer. The interior is made of absorbent Cotton Babies exclusive microfiber terry with micro suede lining on top. The micro suede wicks the moisture away from baby’s skin.Since everything is made of synthetic materials there is no prepping required.

This diaper comes in hook and loop closure only which makes it really easy to use (Just like disposables).The tabs around the hook and loop are stretchy which makes it possible to get the desired fit around the waist.The laundry tabs are found in the middle of the back of the diaper ensures that the tabs keep closed and doesn’t get caught with other diapers while washing.

BumGenius Newborn All In One

BumGenius Newborn All In One

I started using this diaper on my Princess when she was around 6 lbs. I could get a good fit around the legs and waist. It contained poop explosions really well.The high rise of the diaper kept nudging the umbilical cord and I could only use this diaper only after the umbilical cord was completely healed.At 10 lbs mark this diaper has started to reach its maximum at the waist. As you can see that there is very less room for growth along the waist. Also by this time Princess plumped up and the leg elastics was too tight leaving red marks on her skin.


BumGenius Newborn diaper

At 10 lbs,2.5 months

The All In One design is very easy to use since there is no stuffing or folding required. The downside of this is that there is no room to add extra absorbency. Once my baby started sleeping longer stretches I could not use this diaper. I was mostly using this diaper for day time and would change every 2 hours.

Things I love:

  • Made in United States.
  • Simple All in one design which requires no prepping, stuffing or snapping.
  • Velcro closure is very convenient to use.
  • Stay dry layer to keep baby dry.
  • Micro terry absorbent material is quick to dry.
  • Fits smaller babies really well.
  • Adorable prints and solid colours.

Things I would love to have:

  • A pocket or a snap in feature to boost absorbency.
  • An umbilical cord cut or snap.
  • Room to grow at the waist.


Retails for 22.95 CAD .You can get them from Baby FootPrint.