If you are looking for a simple and an affordable way to cloth diaper your newborn with out having to spend a ton of money then the Bummis Newborn Package is the answer to your quest.

Bummis newborn package is an All in Two system (AI2). What’s an AI2 you ask?  In simple words it just means that ALL you need to diaper your baby comes IN TWO parts – an absorbent material to soak up the urine and a water proof cover to contain the wetness in it.

The Newborn kit is designed for babies 5-9lbs.The Package itself comes with 12 organic preemie sized inserts and 2 Bummis newborn size super brite covers. The cover is made of waterproof 2 mil PUL. Mil?? No, Not your mother-in-law but mil refers to how many thousands of an inch thick a laminate is. Because of this double layered PUL the super brite covers are less stretchy than the other covers I have used. The cover has wipeable interior making it prefect to be used multiple times. It comes with an over lapping hook and loop closure which allows you to get a great fit even on teeny tiny babies. The gentle leg gussets keeps the messes intact without being harsh on your baby’s skin.

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Bummis newborn prefolds are made of 100% organic cotton twill. These prefolds needs to be prepped before you can start using them. The prefolds made of natural materials contain natural oils which repels water hence these needs to be washed 3-5 times before they become absorbent. These measure 9.5″ x 13″ and they tend to shrink in size after each wash. The thickness of these prefolds  is 2x6x2 and this notation specifies the number of layers of absorbent layer a prefold is made of. The middle layer is made of 6 layers of organic cotton and the other 2 sides are made of 2 layers of organic cotton.

Now to the fun part – how do you fold these prefolds and use it in a diaper cover. Well there are many fancy ways to do this. Personally I have used only  2 variations and have been doing good so far.

  1. Trifold – This is hands-down the easiest way to use prefolds. Just fold the right and left layers of the prefold towards the middle layer, place it inside the cover and you’re done. You can fold them lengthwise or breadthwise. I use them folded breadthwise to fit my 6lbs baby girl.

bummis newborn prefolds

2. Angel Fold – With the trifold method the poop touches the cover making it non reusable. Every time there was a poop I had to throw my cover in the wash as well.The angel fold is similar to trifold except that you leave the top end open creating a V shaped pocket to hold the poop inside. You can also fold the extras inside (like I did in the picture) to fit into the cover.

bummis newborn pack - angel fold

If you are concerned about your baby feeling wet, you can place a fleece liner on top of the prefold to wick the wetness away from the baby.

Bummis newborn package

What I love:

  • Unbeatable price point , a very economical way to build your stash.
  • The organic cotton is absorbent, easy to wash and very durable.
  • After the newborn stage these prefolds can be used as burp cloths, boosters or simply use them as change mats.
  • The super brite cover fits even smaller babies right from birth.
  • The hook and loop closure makes this cover very easy to use especially for cloth newbees.
  • The leg and back elastics contain poop explosions in.

What I like less:

  • If you tend to have bigger babies then you might not be able to use it longer.


For just 49.99 CAD the Bummis newborn kit is undeniably a great starter pack. Bummis prefolds can be used well after the newborn stage. Whether you choose to use them as a booster, change mat or burp cloths these prefolds will take the heat and are sure to last for multiple children.

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