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Cloth diapering a newborn can save you a lot of money. But you know what it takes money to save money! Newborn cloth diapers are an big investment and this can be a huge set back for many parents on a tight budget who wants to cloth diaper.So is there a way to meet both ends? The answer to this mind boggling question is found in newborn rentals.I found about the newborn rental programs recently when I was pregnant with my second baby.There are many rental program in Canada offered by various retailers (Learn about them all HERE).After much research I decided to go with the test drive program offered by Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (CCDD)

About CCDD:

CCDD is an Calgary based cloth diaper retailer run by the delightful Miranda.I got to meet Miranda and her cute little helper when I returned my rental package at their store.Miranda was very kind enough to put up with my constant nagging and managed to give me an appointment to meet her at a very short notice inspite of her very busy schedule ( She has 4 kids and she had just got back from a vacation, need I say more?)

CCDD also carries a wide variety of Cloth diaper accessories,Swim diapers,breastfeeding essentials and other baby products.

About the Newborn Test drive:

You purchase the rental like purchasing any other product from  CCDD.You can purchase it online from HERE.You are required to pay the total retail value of these diapers in the rental package as a deposit.This acts as an insurance against any damage or loss of any products.The rental fee is 29.95$ for 3 weeks.You can very well extend the period of your rental by simply contacting CCDD.You would be paying a little extra if you wish to extend the rental period.

The newborn test drive package not only allows you to try different brands and styles of cloth diaper to find the one that fits your baby but also meets the needs of your family.So lets dive right into what comes with the package, shall we?

Calgary Cloth Diaper Test Drive

This gives you about 17 diaper changes.Apart from this custom made diapers you can also request for more as per your needs.I ordered an extra bummis newborn package to have more diapers in hand to be able to do laundry every 2 days.To order more diapers you will have to pay the retail price as a deposit but the rental fee does not change.

Calgary Cloth Diaper Test Drive

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot Newborn test drive


What I like about the CCDD rental is that they equip you with every thing you need to successfully cloth diaper.Along with the diapers you also get to try accessories like

  • Apple Cheeks storage sac size 2
  • GroVia cloth wipes x 12

I really really wish they add a sample pack of Les Produits De Maya Oleo-Calcareous liniment as a part of the rental package. I love this product beyond words and it had made switching to cloth wipes very easy.

Free with rental :

Just when you think that this can’t get any better, it does!Along with the rental you also get Flushable liners, Laundry detergent for the test drive period, sample diaper cream and Travel Duo wetbag free of cost to use after the trial.

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot Newborn test drive


At the end of 3 week test drive you can choose to do any of the following option:

  • You can return the whole package and get your full deposit in return.
  • Keep the ones you like and return the rest. CCDD deducts the retail price of the diapers you choose to keep and return rest of your deposit.
  • Keep them all and you get your 25$ rental fee back.

If you choose to return the diapers you can either ship them back to CCDD or drop it off at their store location.Contact CCDD to confirm their address before returning.Also, if you do choose to ship them, it is advised to have tracked shipping because you are 100% responsible for the package until it reaches their hands.

You also qualify for a 10% discount on any order you place with CCDD at the end of your test drive.

This test drive program is just perfect for anyone who wants to give cloth a shot! You get to try different brands and styles of cloth diapers without drilling a hole in your pocket.I would highly recommend this to everyone whose skeptical about cloth diapers to try this test drive program.

Contact CCDD:

By Phone – 403-966-5513

Email – calgaryclothdiaperdepot@gmail.com or use their contact form on the website.

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