I am taking eco friendy living habits very seriously now. I wouldn’t term myself a complete greek geek yet but its taking over slowly yet steadily. Honestly, I have never been the eco-friendly type. One glorious day I became a mom and suddenly I am a different persona all together. I stumbled upon a quote in a children museum in the neighbourhood and it really hit the nail on head.

''We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

I am definitely not an expert but I try. I strive to make a change and I think that’s all matters.

So this Earth month I am going to make a greener choice in lieu of the filthy plastic bags that I clutter in my house with every grocery shopping. I have already replaced plastic carry bags with reusable cloth bags. So the next sensible step is directed towards reusable produce bags. I definitely did not want to spend any money on them and I wanted to make it from stuff that I already have at home.

So I went to consult my dear friend ‘Google’ and it showed me some fancy artsy crafty ways. The thing is I am a total sucker in arts & crafts. Have you met a person who flunked in arts & crafts at school?No? Look no further,That would be me!

So I tweaked some of the tutorials and came up with my own model.

Now if you are crafty and looking for a stylish fancy bag I give you fair warning do not read a word ahead. But if you belong to the rest of the artistically challenged population (like me) then read on!

This is probably the laziest easiest method you could find. Honestly it took me more time to write this post than to actually make the bag.

What you need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • A string/shoe lace (anything that can be tied in a knot)
  • A safety pin

Step 1:

Lay the t-shirt on a level ground. Cut the sleeves of the t-shirt.you can either cut the sleeves separately or if you care about symmetry then fold the t-shirt into half and cut the sleeves off.

DIY Produce Bags

Step 2:

Cut around the neck stiching. You can either do it now or wait until you finish the whole procedure and then cut depending on the depth you want.

Step :3

Turn the t shirt inside out.

Step 4:

In the bottom of the t-shirt you can find a panel where the fabric is folded over and hemmed. We are going to cut open the stitching at both sides, this will create a opening to pass the string inside. Now pass the string through the opening and bring it out from the other side. Repeat the same with the other side and tie the knot tight.

PicMonkey Image-18

Step 5:

Turn the bag inside out.Tada! you just made your own produce bag!You can cut the neck if you haven’t done it already in Step 2.I also made some random horizontal slits(you can totally skip this step if you want)

DIY(NO SEW) Produce Bags


  • You can use this bag to hold produces like apples,avocados,oranges etc.,This can’t be used to carry small products like nuts,raisins etc.,(there will be a small hole where you tied the knot so small produces can escape their way through the hole)
  • Choose a light weight t shirt(you don’t want the bag to contribute to the weight of the produce you buy)

DIY(NO SEW) Produce Bags

I confessed it before, this bag is not as good looking as many I have seen. It may not be pretty but it serves the purpose and I’m sure that Mama Earth feels pretty good with one less plastic bag being shoved at her face.

Have you made your own produce bags?Let me know if you have any different DIY produce bags ideas.