We love our Easy Peasies pocket diapers! When I was pregnant, every time I pulled out these ruffled beauties I dreamt of how adorable their mini versions would look on my baby girl. Dreams do come true and I finally was able to soak in the joy of adorning this on Princess. We could have used easy peasies right from birth but we waited until the umbilical cord fell off. This diaper is such an amazing fit at 6lbs which is not surprising given that this diaper is designed to fit babies from 2lbs.

About Easy Peasies:

Easy Peasies is an Canadian company (located in Stanley NB) specializing in baby and feminine products. Apart from newborn diapers they also make one size pockets (which is our favourite),night-time diapers, Grow with me pants for babies. Moms can also pick up some of their personal care products ranging from natural bath bombs,amber necklaces and menstrual pads and cups.


Easy Peasies newborn is an all in one design. The absorbent material is sewn along with the outer waterproof PUL  with a soft fleecy top to keep the wetness away. The absorbent material here is a combo of microfibre and hemp. The microfibre absorbs faster while the hemp is thirsty and holds more. So you get the best of both worlds in one diaper!

Easy peasies newborn all in one

There are 2 rows of rise snaps with an umbilical cord snap down button option that gives a range of sizing option. I started with the lower rise snaps at 2 weeks(6lbs) and now using the upper rise snaps at 2.5 months (10lbs). The wings of the diaper is super stretchy just what I am used to with the EP pocket diapers. The wings also features a cross over snap. It warms my heart to know that these diapers are designed with preemies in mind. I think there is no one who needs the gentleness of cloth diapers more than those tiny fragile human beings.

Easy Peasies Newborn all in one

There is also a pocket opening at the top as a provision to add more absorbency if needed. Easy Peasies also make newborn bamboo booster that can be snapped in to add more absorbency as your baby grows. I wish I had got this booster as we ran out of absorbency pretty soon (probably after a month).

EASY PEASIES NEWBORN ALL IN ONEThere are elastics at the back and legs which effectively contains all the mess inside. As if that’s not enough there are also double gussests to add an additional protective barrier. The Easy Peasies have done everything they could to give you a peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about changing multiple outfits and sheets.

Compared to the pocket diapers we have, I just find this diaper a little bulky (even without the booster). It is not as trim as the pockets are at the crotch. But that’s not a deal breaker for me. It still fits into most of the sleepers and onesies.

Easy Peasies newborn all in one

What I love:

  • The range of sizing options that Easy Peasies offers. The 2 rows of rise snaps can be adjusted in lot ways to ensure proper fit.
  • Designed to fit babies weighing from 2lbs – 14lbs.
  • The cross over snap for easy tuck, roll and store when out and about.
  • Double gussets, leg and back elastics to contain poop.
  • Pocket opening and snap in booster to add more absorbency.
  • Beautiful array of colours and prints to choose from.
  • Designed and Made in Canada.

What I like less:

Nothing major except that I find it a little bulky on Princess. But like I said I have no complaints about fluffy bums.

Easy peasies newborn all in one


The price is 16.99 CAD for the diaper and if you want the booster then that’s an additional 4 CAD. Shop from COZYBUMS or directly from EASY PEASIES.