easy peasies all in one diaper review

Easy Peasies is a very familiar brand to me. I’m already a fan of their newborn and pocket diapers. After hitting the tedious 2 under 2 phase, I have been renouncing my commitment to pocket diapers and slowly moving towards All in One & Two for convenience and in hopes to wash lesser laundry! Seriously how many clothes & diapers these tiny human beings go through?!!? I tried their Ready to Use All In One Version 2. The former version of this diaper came with hemp & microfibre, they have recently revamped it and went all natural. Easy Peasies are locally made here in Canada with domestic & imported materials. Along with diapers they also carry some fabulous products like wet bags, feminine hygiene  & other baby products.

Easy Peasies comes with a strechy PUL outer layer. With 4 rows of rise snaps EP’s AIO accommodates 5 sizings in one diaper. I like the placement of 3 rise snaps which prevents the diaper from bulging out and gives pleasing finish. This diaper comes with a double snap closure with a cross over snap. Not just one but two crossover snaps which makes this diaper shrink to fit a teeny tiny waist of a newborn. The hip snap prevents the awkward wing drooping. This diaper comes with 2 levels on absorbency, a sewn in soaker and an additional snap in soaker. The sewn in soaker is made of 3 layers of hemp/cotton jersey. The snap in soaker is hourglass shaped and provides another 3 layers of hemp/cotton absorbency. The idea behind hour glass shaped inserts is to add more absorbency at the front & back (where it is much needed) and to provide a narrow crotch area. I love hour glass inserts for both the above reasons. One side of this soaker is topped with a single layer of micro fleece. You can choose which side touches your baby’s skin. If you have a child who is sensitive to wetness, you snap the soaker with the stay dry side facing up. On the contrary, if you prefer natural fibres you choose to snap the hemp/cotton side up. I know a lot of parents are torn between choosing micro fleece & natural fibres, so having a diaper that can be converted either way will make one less criteria to break your head over while trying to choose the ‘right’ diaper. Having said that I didn’t use the snap in soaker in the newborn stage, so I still had to throw a fleece liner on top.

easy peasies all in one diaper review

The All In One design is missing the double gussets that I loved using in their newborn and Pocket diapers. Despite the absence of leg gussets , no poop escaped its way out of the diaper and it has seen some mega toddler & runny newborn poop. Ruffled elastics, a signature trademark of Easy Peasies, are seen at the legs and back. The elastics are ideal poop catchers and never once let anything out. But ruffled elastics are prone leg leaks when inserts are fully saturated. I am a little more watchful when using these diaper , and I make sure I change them on time before there is any wicking from the leg elastics. You can also roll the elastics in but I don’t do it diligently.

easy peasies all in one diaper review

There are 2 big flaps both at the front and back to tuck the booster in. The back flap is made of super soft micro fleece but the front flap in made of a thin layer of PUL. I appreciate the PUL flap at the front because it eliminates the possibility of wicking if you have a tummy sleeper. It gives me so much peace of mind as I am not constantly checking to making sure that noting is peeping out or set a remainder to tuck everything in after each diaper change.

easy peasies all in one diaper review

Easy Peasies were one of the diapers that passed my newborn test with flying colours. 4 rows of rise snaps and double cross over snaps gives us a wide range of sizing options. I had no issues fitting this diaper into my 8lbs Little Miss to 22 lbs Little Man. I only use the sewn in soaker that comes with the diaper and totally skip the snap in booster at the smallest setting. Little Miss always needed more absorbency at the back, I would fold the soaker at the back to hold her torrents. At around 10 lbs,Little Miss was still having sporadic poops so I never had luck testing this diaper over an hour. At 16 lbs,7 months old, Little Miss is in between the small and the smallest rise settings. The small rise setting is a little bit droopy at the front but the smallest rise is wee short on the back. At this stage, the sewn in soaker alone doesn’t meet the absorbency needs for Little Miss. I would have loved a pocket opening to sneak in a small booster for her. I could use the snap in booster, but at the smallest setting it gets a bit bulky. Little Man is on the medium rise setting at 2 year old and 22 pounds. We are using the cross over snaps for Little Man to fit around his skinny waist & chicken legs. Sometimes I wonder where all the food he gobbles all day long goes!

easy peasies all in one diaper review

I prefer All in ones that comes with a pocket opening because it lets me add boosters to up the absorbency game. I found it hard to play with this diaper at the smallest setting but in the medium setting I could easily sneak some boosters beneath the snap in booster. With another booster this can even pass as a night diaper. Easy Peasies also makes a night time booster that can be used with this diaper. I had partial success using this diaper for night time. With Little Miss who nurses at least 4 times throughout the night, this diaper was a instant failure. This did work with Little Man who sleeps 8 hour stretches. There was one particular night when he had lots of fluids and woke up with a fully saturated and leaky diaper. So really it was a hit or miss with him. This is not my go to diaper for night time use but I do reach for these for day time & nap time. But I have heard that this diaper combined with their XL booster works perfectly for night time for many. I will give it a try with the XL booster and post my update here.

What I Love:

  • Made in Canada with local / imported materials.
  • 4 rise settings and 2 cross over snaps gives a wide range of sizing options
  • designed to fit babies from 8 – 40+ lbs
  • super stretchy wings
  • Microfleece flap at the rear & PUL tummy flap
  • leg & back ruffled elastics for a tight seal
  • sewn in soaker & an additional snap in soaker with a stay dry side.

What I like less:

  • Extra drying time because of the sewn in soaker
  • no pocket opening to add boosters at the smallest settings


I would definitely give a thumbs up for this diaper. I can see that a lot of brain stroming went towards designing this diaper. This is one of the few diapers that can fit a teeny newborn and a chunky toddler. I don’t have chunky kids to try this but visually comparing with other diapers in my stash this is the longest One Size diaper.

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