The make:

The owner of this brand of diapers is Jess and these babies are made out of Stanley, New Brunswick,Canada. Easy Peasies are therefore Canadian made, offering premium quality products at affordable prices. This company not only offers quality cloth diapers but also offers menstrual pads and cups , swim diapers , teething necklaces,etc.,

The design:picmonkey-image-2

Easy peasies  are one size diapers which would fit a baby from 6 – 40 pounds. Easy peasies claim to offer 6 sizes in one diaper equivalent to size 1 – 5 of disposable diapers.

3*4 rise snaps – Makes this diaper truly the only one you would need from birth to potty. The extra small rise is a fabulous addition as I can see these diapers fit a newborn. Not all one size diapers can do this.

2 rows of waist snaps – Makes it possible to get a good fit around the waist and legs. The upper row of snaps adjusts around the waist and the lower snaps can be made to fit around the legs. There are times when Prince would be in between sizes with some of the other one size diapers but this is not the case with easy peasies. I seem to get a better fit around the hips and legs with these diapers.

Cross over snaps – These provide a tiny fit for new-born and also makes storage a breeze. You can simply roll and tuck them in your wet bag . Easy Peasy 🙂

The pocket has a PUL exterior and interior is made of soft micro fleece which wicks away the moisture from the baby. You can also note the presence of double gussets. I am a big fan of double gussets because they help to retain the messes in (Especially with the ebf newborn explosions).picmonkey-image-3

The diaper looks very similar to AMP OS POCKET DIAPER. It has both waist and leg elastics. It would have been nice to have elastics in the front (just like AMP). The ruffles in the leg looks very adorable. The pocket opening is in the front. They have generous pocket opening so stuffing the inserts in is a breeze. Easy peasies claim that the inserts will agitate out of the pockets so you don’t have to deal with touching the soiled inserts. You just have to make sure that there is enough water for proper agitation. I haven’t tried this though because I always remove my inserts before putting them in the pail.

The elastic in the back and legs does a great job in retaining the messes inside. The inner fleece lining absorbs the liquid poop well so there are no ebf explosions. The double gussets offer that extra protection factor. With all these features combined this diaper is bullet proof against any poop – attack.

The only minor complaint I have is the piling of fleece (which is normal for fleece) that I observed with this diaper. Sometimes there are little balls of fleece stuck to my son’s bum.

The two outstanding things that I noticed with easy peasies are the super stretchy wings and how incredibly narrow these diapers are between the legs. This helps to get a great fit without elastic pinching the skin.


Excuse the bad picture! It’s extremely difficult to get my son pose for pictures! Sigh!

Insert options: I love the range of natural fiber inserts that Easy peasies offer. They are not inserts per say but more like flats which can be tri folded and stuffed inside the pocket. The tri – folded inserts offer greater absorbency in my opinion and are easy to launder. You have the option to choose cotton, bamboo or hemp inserts. Cotton is priced at $8.50 ( 2 – pack) , bamboo and hemp – $28.50 (2 – pack).


I got the bamboo trifold along with the pocket and they are luxuriously soft. So soft that I wanted to put them on my face. I find these inserts to be super absorbent. Prince can be in this diaper for 3 – 4 hours straight during the day. After 4 hours the inserts are usually fully soaked but I have never had any leaks with these diapers.This is my go to diaper for nap times and short outings. These inserts seem to wash well and does not shrink.


The one size pocket cover is $17.99. They do offer discounts when you buy in bulk. There are discounts available when you buy in bulk. Even if you find the bundles (pocket + inserts) to be expensive you can just get the covers and stuff with your existing inserts, pre folds or flats.

Over all :

I am really happy with my easy peasies pockets.Its a true one size diaper that provides a great fit. In terms of absorbency , the bamboo inserts are leak proof for 3 – 4 hours. For the price 17.99 a covers these are unbeatable and I think you will fall in love with these covers if you try it.

Eager to try this amazing product, you can get them from or get them directly from