*I received product and/or compensation for this post. All opinions remain my own. Post contains affiliate links. Everyone in Cloth Diaper-Ville seems to be very curious about Cotton babies newly launched Elemental Joy. Now, why wouldn’t they be? Cotton babies are known for their all-time favorite BumGenius pocket diapers. And, another budget-friendly line of pockets from the makers of the timeless BumGenius is sure to stir everyone’s curiosity. Not everyone who chooses Cloth diapers does that for environmental reasons. Many families are financially restrained, and the only reason they opt for cloth diapers is to save money. When working on a tight budget, supporting local businesses by purchasing locally made diapers becomes a distant dream; Especially when a single diaper can cost up to 30$. In the void of economic cloth diaper options, parents choose to go with diapers that are cheaply made in China aka the ‘China Cheapies.’

So What’s the deal with Elemental Joy?

Simply put, it’s a budget-friendly equivalent of BumGenius. A simple pocket design! Those three words should suffice the design of this diaper. It is a simple pocket diaper with no fancy rings and bells to it. It is very similar to the good old BumGenius diapers – 3 rise snaps, double closure snaps, with some minor changes in the design. I will make a separate post of comparing this with BumGenius 5.0 shortly. BumGenius Elemental Joy - A Budget friendly cloth diaper The pocket opening is at the back, and it has a small, reinforced opening that is partially stitched on both ends and opens in the middle. Stuffing the inserts inside the diaper was easy for my thin bony hands. Bigger hands (like my husbands) might need some jiggling around. BumGenius Elemental Joy - A Budget friendly cloth diaper Organic cotton flat style insert! The insert is a total game changer here.Cotton Babies went above and beyond with a Flat insert rather than their usual choice of microfibre (for BumGenius 5.0). Almost every affordable diaper in the market comes with a microfiber insert, and it’s commendable that someone stopped to think of more natural options. I can only hope that other brands hop on this trend and reevaluate their choice of microfiber!

But What’s a Flat? What do I do with that?

Well, If you have never seen a flat diaper in your life, you might be intimated by the world of flats. I feel you! Flat inserts flat out scare me! I have a built-in resistance to anything that requires more work. But Nancy, how can you say it’s hard without trying? I  know I know! I  thought fitted diapers were too much work and life gave me heavy wetters, I now I have an Omaiki and Thristies fitteds in my night time stash. The flat insert looks like the big swaddling blanket. I didn’t know what else to do with it other than folding it in multiple ways to fit it in the pocket. It’s not rocket science! If you can fold a piece of laundry, then you can most definitely fold a flat diaper. But mastering the different artistic folds is a different story, and I’m not even going to attempt to try them anytime soon. Pad folds works for us, so why change the winning team? BumGenius Elemental Joy - A Budget friendly cloth diaper   Not on-board with flat style inserts? Then simply toss the insert that comes with the diaper and use your favorite insert of your choice. Well, that’s what I do! I use the flat inserts as a kitchen cloth and use Applecheeks 3 ply inserts instead. The flat insert by its own is not enough absorbency for us. And, I don’t think it will be absorbent enough for many of you; unless you are kids are extreme light wetters. That said, the insert is relatively trim, you can easily add two or more boosters to it or even layer it up with another insert. You can purchase the inserts separately from Cozy Bums HERE.

What I love about Elemental Joy?

USA Made  & Price point : A North American made pocket diaper for 13$?!?!?! I rest my case! Pocket style: Ask any cloth diapering veteran for an affordable cloth diaper solution; they will point you in the path of the Prefolds and Covers; While this is the undeniable truth, many don’t feel comfortable using them. I, for instance, didn’t truly embrace the awesomeness of Prefolds & Covers until a year ago. So if pockets are the only cloth diaper options that suit your lifestyle & personality, then I can’t think of a cheaper North American made diaper other than the Joy! BumGenius Elemental Joy - A Budget friendly cloth diaper *My almost 3 year old in medium rise setting. He is 22 pounds and fits in 2T pants.

What’s not to love?

I don’t have the heart to be cynical about this diaper. Cotton Babies have come up with a remarkable product to promote BumGenius Elemental Joy - A Budget friendly cloth diaperNorth American cloth diaper economy. Elemental Joy is here to meet the pocket and an eco-friendly heart on a North American cloth diaper consumer. This in itself is a big step towards re-branding affordable cloth diaper options that are made here ethically in North America. Bigger Size: If there is one thing that I can put my finger on that would be the sizing. The cut of the diaper looks bigger and wider than BumGenius 5.0. I will do a detailed comparison of both Elemental Joy and BG 5.0 pretty soon. Now I can’t attest to the quality of the materials used and how this diaper holds up in the longer run. We will have to wait and see whether this can stand up the my toddler’s harsh life.

Why should you buy it?

  • If you are on a very tight budget but can’t get on the Prefolds/Covers band wagon, then Elemental joy can be an excellent choice for you.
  • If you are sick and tired of the default microfiber inserts that a lot of pocket diapers come with and looking for cheaper alternative natural inserts, then Elemental Joy will fit right on the bill.
  • If you are looking to supplement your cloth diaper stash with some pocket covers, then Elemental covers will work just fine.
  • If you want to support North American business but can’t afford to spend over 25$ on a single diaper, then add Elemental Joy to the cart right now!

Where to Buy?

Cozy Bums is a fantastic cloth diaper retailer in Prince George,BC. Cozy Bums also ships all across Canada and USA.


Elemental Joy -Budget friendly cloth diaper