My son was exclusively breastfed for the first six months and then was gradually introduced to solids starting with purees. But to my dismay he soon lost interest in purees as well as spoon – feeding. My little guy wanted to self feed! I was one proud mama to see my son growing independent and developing new motor skills. But it became an issue when we were out and about because a) he refused to be spoon-fed b) I did not have a portable high chair with a tray and c) he still hasn’t learned to eat from a plate without tossing them around.

So I was looking for something that would help my son self – feed with out food pieces flying in the air. Enter EZ PZ MINI MAT!!picmonkey-image-5

The ezpz mini mat is a place mat cum plate.The best part about this mat is that it gets sealed to glass, stone ,wood and plastic surfaces. The mini mat is small and compact and fits in most of the high chair trays. Be sure to measure your high chair tray to make sure it fits before purchasing. I tried to stick this mat on our high chair and I felt that the suction was weak. So I tried again after cleaning the tray and the mat, still no luck. Finally I tried it after rubbing few drops of water in the tray and then it sat without wiggling around.

After using this mat a few times my little brainiac did figure out how to pull this mat along the edges but he does this only when he gets bored after finishing his meal. I think he will soon get enough out of pulling the mat and eventually will stop doing it.

There are other fab products that EZPZ makes:

The Happy Mat – place mat cum plate – 15 x 10 x 1

The Happy Bowl – place mat cum bowl – 8.75 x 10.25 x 1.5

The Micro Mat – mat for your kid’s dolls,legos – 3 x 2

The EZPZ Mats are made from 100%  food grade silicone. It is BPA, BPS , PVC, Lead and phthalates – free. These mats are safe to be thrown in the dishwasher and micro wave. The mat has 3 compartments two 2 oz eyes and a 4 oz mouth. If you want bigger portions then you should get a Happy Mat which has all the awesome qualities of the mini mat plus its bigger ( with two 4 oz eyes and 10 oz mouth). Also I have heard that the Happy mats have better suction strength. The edges of the compartments are smooth so it’s really easy to clean as no food gets clogged in those corners. These mats come in different colors, there is blue, coral and gender neutral green and grey. I got the green mat and It looks like a smiling froggy face to me. The mini mat comes with a reusable cover for storage and it fits perfectly in my diaper bag.img_0442-2

Apart from my love for the product, I am in love with the makers of this product too. I read some of the testimonies from parents whose lives were touched by these products and I literally teared up. Lindsey, a mom of 3 boys, is the master mind behind these products. I can see that she has put all her best mom – experience into making these mats. Ms. Dawn is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Feeding Specialist who works with the team to make sure that each mat is designed to be used by kids with special needs and nuerotypical children. EZPZ is also a part of Changing the Face of Beauty campaign.

EZPZ mats provide a healthy enjoyable meal time for the whole family and also assist in developing little ones motor skills. Overall I am so satisfied with my purchase and it feels so good to be supporting a company with great products and an even greater cause!

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