Funky Fluff introduced their new one size cover ‘Flex,’ and I’m sure cloth diaper users’ are curious to know all the details. Funky Fluff is a  Canadian Cloth diaper brand that puts great emphasis on its customers, and their line of products are a reflection of this.

Their OS All in Two Lux Shell is one of the most raved cloth diaper hybrid system on the market! Their wet bags have become a staple in everyone’s cloth diaper stash.

Funky Flex is a One size cover with wipe-able PUL interior designed to fit babies from 7- 35 lbs. I can see ‘Flex’ becoming a popular choice for cover users because of all features it offers.

Just so you know,I received this produced for free in exchange of my honest review. As always, I will only share products/brands that I believe in. This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing via those links earn me a small commission with no extra charge to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Let’s quickly go over the features of Flex:

  • One size with 4 rise setting
  • Fully wipeable PUL interior
  • Double leg gussets
  • Big PUL flap to hold the inserts in place
  • Snap-in feature to use funky flex inserts
  • Economically priced at 14 CAD

Funky Fluff Flex Diaper Cover Review

The Wipe-able Interior:

In my humble opinion, a cover is only truly reusable if it comes with a PUL wipeable interior. What do I mean by that? There are two types of cloth diaper covers – one that has a lined fabric interior, one with a PUL interior.

Good examples for covers that has a fabric lined interior are Omaiki Cabrio, Grovia Hybrids, Applecheeks Envelope covers, etc.,

Why are these covers not ideal for reuse?

When babies pee, the fabric lining of the cover gets wet. Some parents have no issue air drying the cover and reuse it. Some babies are fairly light wetters that the cover doesn’t get soaked in pee. But that’s never been the case with us.

Both my kids are heavy wetters, and almost always the fabric soaked in pee or at least smells like pee. I can never bring myself to reuse covers with fabric interior.

Funky Fluff Flex Cloth diaper cover review

Funky Fluff Flex falls into the second category along with brands like Thirsties, Buttons and Best Bottoms. Since the PUL is waterproof, a little bit of urine on the cover can be wiped off and hence these kind of covers are truly worth the money because a single cover can be used at least thrice without washing it (unless there is poop).

Double gussets:

Ask any cover lover; they will tell you their love for double gussets!

Double gussets are your extra protection against newborn runny poop and toddler humongous poop. Double gussets contain it all and save you time and energy from cleaning your car seat due to unforeseen accidents (Don’t ask how I know that!)

Funky Fluff Flex Cloth diaper cover review

Fits over all type of inserts :

The Funky Fluff bamboo inserts are one of the best inserts in the market. They are my absolute favorite. They are thirsty without being bulky. Given a choice, I will probably only use these bamboo inserts with Flex covers, because these inserts give us four hours of absorbency.

Flex comes with a snap in option, which makes this super easy to use. Just snap the bamboo inserts to the cover, when the inserts are full, take the inserts out, snap in the new inserts and reuse the cover. Seriously, it can’t get easier than this!

If you don’t have Funky Fluff inserts, DO NOT WORRY!

Flex is designed to work with any type of insert. Prefolds, flats, receiving blankets, FST’s, literally anything will work with FLEX (very flexible ;)) I have personally tried it with inserts from Bummis, Applecheeks, Easy Peasies and Oko creations.

I even tried the Best Bottoms inserts with Flex and guess what; they snap right into the cover. So if you are a best bottom user, looking for some variety in your stash, Say hello to ‘Flex.’

Funky Fluff Flex Cloth diaper cover review

The Funky Fluff Flex looks pretty similar to size and shape to LUX diaper shells,  but the way it fits and feels is a little different than LUX.  I think it is due to the presence of double gussets and more space over the bum. The back of the cover (that goes over the bum) has more depth than the shells. This makes this cover perfect even to use over nighttime fitted diapers.

I have problems finding covers that fit over fitted diapers and was pleasantly surprised to see a One Size cover that fit so well over bulky fitteds. I did find this cover to leave some red marks after long night time use and my babies aren’t even that chubby.

Funky Fluff Flex Cloth diaper cover review

Extra PUL Flap at the back and front

I was sold on this feature. I love covers that have big flaps to keep the inserts in. I don’t have to remember to carefully tuck in the extra prefold that’s peeping out of the cover and eventually wicks to the outfit. It also keeps newborn poop from coming all the way up to the back.

Trim, Trim, Trim!Funky Fluff Flex Cloth diaper cover review

Funky Flex pocket diapers are well-known for their trim fit and the same genes are passed on to the Flex cover as well.

Talking about pocket shells and Flex, I think I should tell you that Flex doesn’t fit the same as Funky Fluff pockets. I mean, Don’t expect to get the same waist and rise settings as the pocket shells.

Flex cover doesn’t stretch the way the pocket shells stretch, so you might have to adjust the waist snaps differently to get a good fit.

Price point:

The unbeatable price point makes this Flex an enticing choice for cover lovers. Priced at 14 Canadian dollars, this cover is competitively priced for the quality and features it offers. Let’s say you wash every other day, for a complete cloth diaper stash all you’d need is

5 Flex covers – 14 x5 = 70
15 FF bamboo soakers – 9.50 x 15 = 142.50

That’s a total of 212.50 for 15 diaper changes! That’s cheaper than the ‘cheap china diapers’ you get from Amazon. You can cut the cost down further by opting for prefolds or FST’s.

What I like less?

Nothing! This cover is perfection in my opinion. It checks all that I ever want in a cover. And the price point makes this cover a pretty sweet deal!


Funky Fluff Flex Cloth diaper cover review

Why Should you buy Funky Fluff Flex:

  • Because it’s the perfect cover: I’m not even exaggerating this a bit ! It really is a cover lover’s dream come true! It has every feature of a perfect cover – PUL interior, double gussets and big flaps to keep the inserts in.
  • Because it’s affordable: The wipeable PUL interior makes it possible to reuse this cover atleast thrice before it gets thrown into the wash. For a single diaper change, even with the FF bamboo inserts,  will only cost you around 15 CAD. And, it gets cheaper if you choose to use other economical options like prefolds or FST’s. You simply cannot get a better deal than this!
  • Because it is Flexible: I highly recommend using the FF bamboo inserts, because they work exceptionally well. But Flex works wonderfully with bazillion other inserts – prefolds, FST’s, receiving blankets, etc., I could even use this over fitted diapers to use over night.

Where to buy Funky Fluff Flex:





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Funky Fluff Flex Cloth diaper cover review