Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail review

My husband has a super human sense of smell. Seriously, he has a nose of a sniffer dog. His nose knows that something is wrong from feet away. Every time hubby walked by our washroom, he caught a whiff of something unpleasant and he suspected that it was my diaper pail where dirty diapers were sitting. Now the washroom was his hideout from kids and the man hated having to spend his ‘me’ time with the foul smelling diapers. It wasn’t that bad at all people, he was just driving me crazy with that hyper active nostrils of his. So did I ever put an end to his constant insinuation? Yes I did! How? With the Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail!

Meet the Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail :

Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail does just what it claims to do. It is perfect for storing dirty diapers in an apartment or in washrooms with limited space. So let’s go over the specs of this awesome pail one by one

1. Convertible multi position handle:

The hanging pail comes with an double snap closure which can be maneuvered in different ways to make it hang it in different positions. You can snap the straps vertically (like in A) or horizontally (like in B). So this pail goes painlessly over the a)crib rails, b)doorknobs, c)towel holder or d)door hooks. I hang mine at the back of my bathroom door over a hook.

Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail review

2. Double layer PUL:

The diaper pail looks and feels thick and sturdy. The body of the pail is constructed with durable double layer of Polyester interlock with laminate in the middle. What this means is that everything that goes in stays in. No odour or wetness leaks out.

3. Durable Straps:

The straps that hold the diaper pail are incredibly strong. It doesn’t collapse and holds still even after stuffing the pail with about 30 diapers (I swear, I tried it!)

Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail review

4. Pleated front:

This is hands down my favourite feature. When you unzip the pail it kinda opens up from the front creating more storage space. This pleated front also makes it easy to dump the soiled diapers into the washing machine.

5. Holds 18-20 diapers:

This right here is a big fat lie. I tell you my friend this pail holds at least 25 diapers. I maxed it out at 30 pocket/AIO diapers. It effortlessly holds my 2 days worth of diapers.

Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail review

I own two of these (a retired print, Funk eh Forest and one from the current line-up, Funkometry). I use it in rotation when one is in wash. I have been using mine for months now and they look solid and would definitely last me through my cloth diapering days (which is not coming to an end any time soon).

I will be honest with you. I have had some wetness wicking from my hanging pail but that’s because I dumped the diaper straight after spraying them into the pail . I would like to remind you, the PUL is water resistant and not completely water proof. So if you put diapers that are dripping wet into your pail you might witness some wicking. So just remember to wring your diapers out before dumping them into the pail or line the bottom layer of your pail with some dry diapers or an old towel that can absorb the extra moisture. But I can vouch for the fact that it keeps all the stink sealed. It passed my hubby’s sniff test with flying colours.

There are just so many ways that you can use this hanging pail. This comes very handy to store dirty diapers when you are camping or travelling. Sulking that your kids are out of diapers? Well, these #funktional diaper pail can also be used to store dirty laundry, toys or check out how  Simply Mom Bailey uses it as a trash receptacle in her mini van. Simply genius, eh?

Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail review

Courtesy Bailey, mommy blogger at Simply Mom Bailey

Do you feel the unsettling need to own one? Let me direct you to my favorite retailer, The Cozy Bums in BC carries the entire range of Funky Fluff products or shop at

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