If you have been watching the cloth diaper headlines then you must have known that Funky Fluff is back! I must say that they are back with a bang! Many of the funky fans (including me!) were impatiently waiting to get their hands on these beauties. The Funky Fluff newborn diaper is the newest addition to their family and this post is all about me openly confessing my love for them.

I have never fallen so badly for a solid coloured diaper. I guess there is a first time for everything and La Vie En Rose was mine. I was mesmerized by the beauty of this diaper on Princess. There’s something about baby girls and pinkish hues, isn’t it?(Have a boy? Fret not! I’m sure even boys can rock it).

The Design:

The Funky Fluff is designed and sold as an All in 3 diaper. What’s that? Let me explain. Funky Fluff can be used in 3 different styles – All in One, Pocket or All in Two.

Funky Fluff comes with a front and back pocket opening. The inserts can be stuffed inside the pocket to be used as a pocket diaper.

Snap the inserts at the back and tuck the inserts into the front opening, Tada! you have an All in One diaper.

Or you can simply place the insert on top of the diaper lining and use it as a All in Two diaper system. If the lining is not wet you can replace the inserts and still use the same shell multiple times.

Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper review

I have always been an orthodox pocket girl. But now with 2 bums to cover I do not always get the luxury to sit, sip some coffee and stuff my diapers. There are times I have simply grabbed the inserts and laid it over the shell and used it as an AI2. I have never re-used the shell though because ‘Little-Miss-Pees-a-lot’ always soaks through the shells. When my husband takes over the diaper duty, he gets a neatly snapped and tucked AIO. I love how this diaper can be used in different ways depending on what suits us the best.

The outer layer of this diaper is made of waterproof PUL. The inside is made of bamboo terry material made of 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester. The newborn diaper comes with bamboo inner only whereas the One-size diaper has an Athletic Wicking Jersey as a stay dry option. And how I wish these newborn diapers also came in their uber-popular AWJ style. Both my kids never seem to have an issue with natural fibres against their bum, but this over conscious mama always beats herself up when she puts them without a stay dry liner. Maybe I need to get over my ‘affaire de coeur’ with stay dry fabrics and go au naturel. Until then ‘Keep calm and throw a Fleece liner on top’ is what I say to myself.

Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper Review

The diaper is designed to fit babies weighing from 4 to 12+ lbs. The diaper is loaded with features like:

  • 3 rows of rise snaps that grows with the baby.
  • 2 rows of waist snap to get a more customized fit around the legs and waist.
  • A hip snap to prevent wing droop.
  • Cross over snap to fit the tiniest of babies and for easy roll and tuck for storage.
  • Umbilical cord snap that keeps the diaper from fidgeting the cord area.

Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper Review

Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper review

The diaper comes with 2 soakers, a large soaker made of 6 layer of bamboo terry and smaller soaker made of 5 layers of breathable bamboo terry material. The soakers are countered shape to fit inside the diaper shell perfectly.

Funky Fluff Newborn diaper review

I would really love to be able to purchase the inserts separately as they would make great boosters for my other newborn diapers. Selling shells separately can also make this diaper more affordable for people who like to use either prefolds or flats.

The Fit:

I couldn’t try these diapers when Princess was fresh out of the oven. She was already 2.5 months and 8ish pounds when she first sported this diaper. Fit of the newborn diaper was impeccable. I can’t even begin to explain how snug it fits her. The fit was like it was cut out for my tiny squish. The double row of waist snaps delivers a perfect fit every single time.

Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper Review

I absolutely love how trim this diaper is! Princess is at the stage where she outgrew newborn diaper absorbency and the onesize diapers are a bit bulky to fit under onesies. With Funky Fluff newborn diapers I don’t have to size up her clothes and my little lady doesn’t look like she has unproportioned bum. Woot Woot!!

Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper Review


This is where the Funky Fluff newborn diaper exceeds all of my other newborn diapers. I accidentally left this diaper on Princess when she went on an unexpected nap and this diaper lasted for a whole 3 hours (completely soaked but no leaks!). Had it been any other newborn diaper I would have seen catastrophic or should I say ‘wetastrophic’ results. I was a little skeptical that the trimness of this diaper would compensate its ability to contain newborn runny poop. But I was wrong, the elastics truly seal everything in.

Funky Fluff Newborn diaper review

Things I love:

  • Fits a wide range of babies weighing from 4lbs to 12lbs+
  • Excellent absorbency even after the fresh newborn stage.
  • Super duper trim.
  • Can be used in different styles(Pocket,AIO or AI2) that suits you best.
  • PUL panel against the tummy prevents wetness wicking onto the clothes.
  • Leg and Back elastics ensure what’s inside stays inside.
  • Natural fibres for the sensitive skin(i.e if you prefer natural fibres).

Things I would love to see:

  • I would love to see this diaper coming in Stay Dry AWJ style just like their One size diapers.
  • I think it would be great if the shells and inserts are available to purchase separately (FF newborn Inserts would make great boosters for other newborn diapers, selling shells separately would make this diaper more affordable for people who like to use prefolds/flats).
  • Sometimes I feel like there is too many snaps to deal with. (That’s probably because I prefer Velcro closure for newborn diapers. Also, many a times I have not bothered to use the hip snaps and the diaper still functions well)


I think Funky Fluff is a must have in your newborn stash. You simply cannot miss to gaze on this adorable diaper on your precious little ones.For about 21 CAD it is a pretty good price for a diaper that will last you longer than the fresh newborn stage.

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