Newborns love to bask in the warmth of your arms. They would gladly rest in your bosom and stay there peacefully. Did you know even newborn diapers share the same sentiment? Did you know that they long for company and yearn to folk together with their Onesize siblings? At least that was the case with my little GroVia newborn diaper. Look whom I bought home to make my baby diaper happy 🙂

GroVia newborn All In One Review

My happy little GroVia with its One-size siblings 🙂

The Design:

GroVia newborn AIO has a very simple straight forward design. The outside is made of water resistant polyester TPU. The inner absorbent layer is a tongue style insert made of hemp/cotton attached to the rear end of the diaper. Both the insert and the body of the diaper is topped with buttery-soft micro fleece to make sure your little one feels comfy and dry. Since the soakers are made of natural fibres, these babies needs to be prepped several times before they reach their maximum absorbency. Mine took 6 plus washes to be fully prepped.

GroVia Newborn All In One Review

The Features:

The diaper is designed to fit babies weighing from 5 to 12+ lbs. It has one row of rise snaps. There is no umbilical cord snap but the rise of the diaper is low enough not to touch the cord area. The leg and back elastics are gentle and fits snug. The leg elastics are encased. The diaper is super duper trim. There is not so much going on with this diaper. As I said earlier it is such a simple design but that doesn’t impede with its functionality.

GroVia Newborn All In One diaper review

Fit & Absorbency:

We started using GroVia newborn AIO when Princess was about 7lbs. Initially it was difficult to get a proper fit around her chicken legs. But she chubbed up pretty soon and since then we were able to get a good fit until 11lbs. The soaker, made of natural fibres offer decent absorbency. I love the natural fibres with the stay dry top (it’s my dream combo!) The diaper doesn’t come with any pocket opening to boost absorbency which was the major issue I faced with this diaper. The only way to boost absorbency was to tuck in a folded cloth wipe beneath the insert. The elastics at the back and legs contained all the runny poops well. The encased leg elastics were gentle on the legs and did not leave any red marks.

GroVia newborn All In One Review

What I love:

  • Designed to fit babies weighing from 5 – 12+lbs
  • Stay dry micro-fleece body lining for comfort of the baby.
  • Single row of rise snaps that can be adjusted as the baby grows.
  • Tongue style insert made of hemp/cotton.
  • Gentle leg and back elastics.

What I would love to see:

  • The absorbency of this diaper is average. For the price of the diaper I would appreciate if it comes with a tailor made booster. The diaper retails for 22 CAD and the fact the you need to purchase a separate booster causes the costs to skyrocket.


If you are looking for convenient, grab and go diaper then I would highly recommend to try GroVia newborn AIO. The price point can be a little intimidating but GroVia diapers in general have a high re-sale value. So you might be able to recoup most of your money back 😉

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