Being pregnant is hard on your body and mind. It tires you physically, mentally and emotionally. But being pregnant when you are working full – time and taking care of a very active toddler when you get back home is exasperating.

I am 26 weeks pregnant with Little Miss A and Little Man J is 14 months old. I had never imagined that life could become so strenuous. Though, I am  excited about our precious little arrival, physically I feel so much weaker now than when I was pregnant with my son. The excruciating back pain (thanks to the epidural!) and lack of sleep only makes running behind a toddler infinitely difficult.

So I am here to share a few tips that can help you catch your breath and run one more lap.

  • Reconnect with yourself: What I mean is to do something that makes you calm and feel relaxed. I know when you have a toddler you can forget about “me” time let alone be able to pee without someone knocking down the door. But try to fit something into your schedule. Prayer and reading bible calms and strengthens me for the day. So I read a few bible verses on my way to work. I listen to worship songs while doing housework. Take a break and spend those few minutes doing the simple things that you love.
  • Plan and organize: Have a meal plan for the week, Reduce your grocery trips, buy bulk, cook, and freeze, shop online, order take-out, and make convenient choices instead of running everywhere and burning yourself out.
  • Don’t overdo it:Realize your potential and stick to it. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too much. It’s ok that if your house doesn’t look Pinterest-perfect all the time. You are pregnant, and that gives you leverage to be (far ) less than perfect. I have learned to make my peace with dirty dishes and unfolded laundry. I have realized that going over and above my limits is just going to drain me out, would make me grumpy and I would mostly snap at everyone around me and pick a fight with my hubby.
  • Ask for help: Ask for friends/family to baby sit your toddler while you catch up on your sleep. Or ask them to prepare a meal or run some errands for you. Don’t feel like you are a burden to them; I’m sure most of your friends will be looking for ways to help you out.
  • Involve your spouse: Men are not mind readers. So SPELL it out. Communicate your needs. Divide the chores between the two of you. Men don’t understand the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy (especially if this is their first baby) so share articles or watch videos about pregnancy and get him involved. Over the years my husband has become sensitive to my needs, but that came only with telling him how I felt (over and over!).
  • Encourage Independent play: This one is a big one. You have to teach your toddler to play on his own. I usually sit with my son in his play area or lie down while he plays with his toys. He comes to me for a hug or a cuddle and goes right back to his toys. When I am super tired and can’t handle the noise of his toys I can take him in for a quiet time where we both sit in a rocking chair and read a book. Now I don’t let him play with a phone or a tablet. Even though it’s so much tempting, it’s not healthy in the long run.

II know it’s not at all easy, and there are times that you feel like the worst mom in the world, but hang on; take one day at a time, and soon you will have your reward wrapped up in your arms.

And remember to enjoy these days. Sit down and play with your toddler, cuddle up and laugh with them. Don’t miss out on the little things while you strive to get the dishes and laundry done. I have realized that spending time with my little guy and doing simple things like reading a book to him puts me in a better mood and he doesn’t feel deprived of my love and attention.

Hope this helps to make your 9 months better 🙂

6 Tips to Handle Pregnancy with a Toddler

By His grace,