My first and foremost reason to cloth diaper was to save money. The health and eco-friendly aspect of cloth diapers kinda tagged along later. I know there are many who would love to cloth diaper their newborns but are shunned away by the hefty price tag. But there are pocket-friendly diaper options and let me introduce you to a very budget friendly newborn all in one diaper – The Imagine Stay Dry All In One diaper. It has all the bells and whistles of a big-ticket newborn diapers but comes with an affordable price tag!

Imagine Newborn Stay-Dry AIO Review

The Design:

The Imagine newborn All in one diaper is made with a soft inner polar fleece and a coordinating waterproof outer layer of PUL. The absorbent soaker is made of 3 layers of thirsty microfiber which is topped with fleece that wicks away wetness from baby’s skin. The soaker is attached to the rear end and has an option to snap in the front. This diaper is designed to fit babies weighing from 5-13lbs.

Imagine Newborn Stay-Dry AIO Review


The diaper comes with 2 rows of waist snaps. You start with either the lower or upper snaps depending upon your baby’s weight. There is a snap down umbilical cord button. The top layer of the soaker is coloured and it is all matchy-matchy with the outer PUL.

Imagine Newborn Stay-Dry AIO Review

Absorbency & Fit:

We started with the lower raise snaps with Princess at 7ish lbs and moved on to the upper row of raise snaps. I loved the fit of this diaper on my little Princess. The coloured inserts were great against the tough newborn poop stains. Even though we used this diaper after the cord was gone, it was a nice feature to have. The diaper doesn’t come with any pocket openings to add absorbency. But you can easily tuck a folded cloth wipe or add a newborn booster under the soaker. The semi-attached soaker  was easy to wash and speeded the drying time.

Imagine Newborn Stay-Dry AIO Review

What I love:

  • Very economical newborn All in One option.
  • Stay Dry interior.
  • Thirsty 3 layer of absorbent microfibre layer.
  • Semi-attached soaker that washes well and dries faster.
  • Umbilical cord snap down to enhance healing of the cord area.
  • Fits babies weighing from 5-13lbs.

What I would love to see:

  • A pocket opening to add a booster.
  • A booster made of natural fibres would shoot this diaper up in terms of absorbency and prevent compression leaks (which is more prone to microfiber)


For the price point of 15 CAD I would say that this diaper is a steal. Just close your eyes and BUY IT! May be open your eyes ’cause this diaper has some adorable prints.

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