Jack's Mama booties reviewJack's Mama booties review


Keeping those little toes warm and toasty this winter is easier said than done. As a fellow parent, I think you will agree that it is a pain to find boots that stay on toes for more than 10 seconds. If your kid is anything like mine, you would have witnessed booties flying over the car seat at the start of the engine. Last year when Little Man had just started to walk, I started hunting for boots that would keep his feet warm when he is hanging out in a baby carrier or cruising around in a stroller. I tripped over Jack’s Mama creations booties and there ended my search for perfect booties for my babies.

Denise is a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) who makes these adorable booties. She also makes pom pom beanies and matching adult size booties. Denise is a local Mama based out of Edmonton. Jack’s Mama creations are also available in some of my favorite local retailers  – Baby Footprint, Carry Me Mommy, Lil’ Monkey Cheeks,etc., Jack’s Mama booties are made from wool and acrylic blended yarn and comes in two different type of soles.

  • Minky suede sole : Minky suede feels more like a fuzzy baby blanket. It is great for indoor use or a quick trips to and from the car. It is better suited for babies and pre-walkers as the sole is more flexible and soft. It also costs lesser than the sheepskin sole booties.
  • Sheepskin sole : Booties made with sheepskin sole are thicker and warmer. There are ideal for walkers as they are non-slip and provide better traction. When it gets freezing, we use these booties inside Stonz booties to keep little feet warm and toasty.

Jack's Mama booties review

You also have an option to make these booties at an ankle length or taller. The tall ones are an excellent choice when riding on a baby carrier when their pants get pulled up exposing the skin to cold air. We have both the types of booties for our kids. Last year, I bought an ankle length bootie with a sheepskin sole for Little Man. This year, Denise sent me a pair of tall, minky one’s for Little Miss to review. I’m so impressed by the quality and durability of these booties. I also love the generous sizing of these booties. I don’t remember having a single pair of shoe lasting over a season with my kids. I’m surprised to see that Little Man still fits into the booties that I bought him last year. Jack’s Mama booties curl up in the front giving them more room to grow. The booties comes with a lace that can be tied around the ankle to keep them snug and secure. Little Man is an inquisitive kid who likes to fidget aound with the knotted lace and would invariably pull them out. Thankfully, the lace was long enough, so I started fastening them at the back 😉 #momwin

Jack's Mama booties review

Jack Mama’s booties come in a lot of beautiful colors which makes it extremely difficult to pick just one. You could also make them more adorable by adding some cute buttons to the booties. I added a little mustache button for Little Man, and we have gotten a ton of compliments so far.You can grab a pair of these lovely handmade booties from any of the retailers or drop a message on Jack’s Mama’s Facebook page, and Denise will be more than happy to help you out. She is always very quick to reply and offers exceptional customer service..

Denise also generously sponsored a set of booties and double pom pom beanie for our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ giveaway. Be sure to enter for your chance to win these beautiful set. These booties would make a great gift idea for any baby or toddler in your life.You can shop them from my favorite retailer using my affiliate link and support my blog.

Shop & Connect : Order directly from Jack’s Mama Facebook page or Baby Footprint.

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