Abeego reusable beeswax food wraps review

Do you have kids who would want to eat an apple only to change their mind and not eat it? What do you do with those cut up fruits? Do you end up eating them? I do! But sometimes I just don’t want to! So, I lock them in a sealed airtight glass container only to entirely forget about it for days and find them growing all sorts of nasty things. I have lost count of how many half-cut apples and avocados I have thrown away.

Are you nodding your head in agreement and wondering if there is a better way than turning them into compost? Yes, there is! It’s called the Abeego Beeswax wraps! These have been pretty famous for quite some time now, and if you haven’t heard about them, then I‘m your girl!

About Abeego Beeswax Wraps:

Toni invented Abeego wraps with a simple motto – To keep food alive! Living food needs to breathe to retain their natural taste, flavor and look. Abeego Wraps are made with beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil infused into a hemp and organic cotton. These wraps are reusable and last for a year or longer if properly taken care. Abeego Wraps are a great natural alternative for slimy plastic wraps.

Melanie from Gentle Nest sent me Abeego wraps to test and share what I think of them with you. I wanted to try the variety pack, that way I could have one of each to test, but those were a pretty popular option and flew right off the shelves. So, I choose a small pack and a large pack as those were the sizes I would mainly use.  Upon opening the mail, I couldn’t help but notice how all the wraps came in recyclable and plastic-free packaging. On hands, the wraps feel thick, smooth and are moldable. I couldn’t get any strong smell off the wraps, but my sense of smell is pretty weak. So, I asked Hubby to do the sniff test. He did find the beeswax a bit too strong, but his nose almost always exaggerates.

Abeego wraps are very simple to use. I used the small wraps to cover half apples, avocados, lemon and other fruits. The results were seriously amazing!  Avocado didn’t turn brown and looked like it was just cut even after four days. I used large wraps to cover carrots, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and cilantro. Carrots didn’t wilt, leafy veggies didn’t turn mushy, and the icing on the cake was lettuce remained crisp and fresh. I have always had a hard time keeping cut onions fresh. I end up throwing out the outer skin because they become dry and the edges curl up. I’m super excited to have found a solution to keep them fresh with Abeego wraps.

These wraps can also be used to store food while traveling. You can now ditch Ziplocs and use Abeego for wrapping sandwiches, grilled cheese or cut up veggie sticks. Abeego wraps have also saved  me from trying to find a plastic lid for my glass bowls. If you are a mom with younger kids, you know how much time this could save you. Tell me one thing, How is that a particular sized lid, which I swear I saw 5 minutes ago, magically disappears from the kitchen counter and appears in the toy box or under the bed weeks later? #mysteryofmylife .Well, no more fighting with lids that run off with invisible legs. All I do is cover the glass bowl with an Abeego Wrap! Different size wraps fit perfectly over different sized containers. You just put these wraps over the bowls like how you use plastic wraps.Abeego might feel a little thicker if you’re used to saran wraps. But that’s good thing, because Abeego is more durable and doesn’t tear off like the plastic one’s.

One thing I was worried about was food smelling like beeswax after wrapping them with Abeego. I didn’t notice any big difference in taste as such, but again I hardly pick up any differences in taste. So I put Abeego through an ultimate test. What is that? I  gave my toddler a half cut apple, which I had wrapped in Abeego. My toddler can come with a hundred reason for not eating food such as, cut in the wrong shape, cut with a wrong knife, handed with a wrong hand, given in a wrong plate, so on and so forth. But he did finish eating the apple without any fuss. I guess, Abeego passed with flying colors!

Abeego wraps can be washed and reused again and again. Abeego claims that their wraps can last a year or longer if properly cared. Washing Abeego wraps is pretty easy. Just run them over cold water with a mild dish washing detergent (Pssst.. NO HOT WATER!! You don’t want to melt the wax away) I also did some math to share with you how much Abeego saved my money with groceries.

A pack of 5 avocados costs 2.97 CAD. A pack of 5 would usually last us two weeks, but by the end of which I would have thrown about 1/4th of an avocado because they would have become grossly discolored. Which means I was wasting nearly 0.75 cents every two weeks which works out to be 18 dollars thrown in the garbage. A single small Abeego wrap costs only 3$ ( a pack of six costs 18$).I would save 15$ in cash plus six avocados from going waste by using Abeego. How about lettuce? A single head of lettuce costs around 3.5$. Don’t you dish out at least ¼ of it in a month? That costs you about 11$ a year. The numbers might  look insignificant, but I bet you can easily come up with at least 5 other produce that you have been sneaking into the garbage. Before you know, you are wasting hundreds of dollars of grocery which can be saved by switching to Abeego wraps.

Gentle Nest carries Abeego wraps in many different sizes – Small, Medium, Large & Giant. If you’re unsure about which one to try, the variety pack that comes with one small, medium and large wrap would be an excellent choice.

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