Les Produits De Maya bug spray review

Summer is my favourite time of the year! Warm weather, watermelons, beaches and pools, what’s not to love about them, right? Well, there is one thing that absolutely annoys me – the blood thirsty mosquitos , that swarm around me when the weather warms up. These tiny creatures hate me or should I say, love me so much that they want to eat me up. I seem to attract all the mosquitos in my entire neighbourhood, the moment I step outside my door. Warm weather and humidity makes me sweat a lot. This sweaty smell of mine makes me their irresistible target. My best bet to stay safe from mosquito bites and mosquito prone infection is through a quality insect repellant. Just like every other product, I try to steer clear from sprays and creams that contains toxic chemicals and the deadly DEET word. My all time favourite, organic and 100% natural brand, Les Produits De Maya, launched their all natural insect repellant and I knew wanted to try them out.  The wonderful Marie, co-owner of Les Produits De Maya sent me their ‘In the Woods’ bug spray to try and review. Thanks Marie for keeping me safe from these tiny predators!

About In the woods bug spray:

It is a 100% natural insect repellant that uses a combination of essential oils to keep those annoying critters away. It comes in the form of spray in a recyclable container. This bug spray is made of 5 different essential oils.  A mixture of essential oils is used here because different bugs dislike different smells. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Citronella Oil: Citronella oil inhibits bacterial growth and reduces body odour (both of which attracts mosquitos). It’s citrusy fragrance while pleasing to us, is not so much for the ticks and bugs.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Traditionally, Eucalyptus oil is used as an insect repellent in many countries. It is now believed to be equivalent to DEET in keeping bugs away.
  • Lavender Oil : Lavender oil is popularly used in aromatherapy, beauty products and even in food preparations. This sweet aromatic oil keeps the bugs away while nourishing your skin.
  • Geranium Oil :This oil is rich in anti-bacterial properties. When applied topically it works to fight against bacterial growth and infection. It also has healing properties that soothes insect bites.
  • Pepper mint Oil : Peppermint oil is a strong bug repellent. Not only mosquitos, peppermint oil is known to drive ants, cockroaches, spiders and even mice away. It soothes itchy skin and calms rashes. It is also an excellent antiseptic.

In addition to the essential oils mentioned above, ‘In the Woods’ spray also has Olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.I simply spray ‘In the Woods’ spray over the clothes and over any exposed body parts (except face) before I head outside.I use this on my 2-year-old and almost 9-month-old too. For pregnant women and kids under 6 months, do not spray this directly on the skin, instead you can use this over the clothes. Just like any other skin product, always do a patch test before you spray it all over yourself. Les Produits De Maya ‘In the Woods’ bug spray is easy to use and is clearly effective to keep bugs away from me and my family. The spray has a fairly strong yet rejuvenating smell. Strong smells gives me a headache, that was one thing I was concerned about using this spray. On the contrary, the oils in this spray functioned as a headache relief. Don’t forget to pack this with you, when you are heading to a tropical vacation to escape the coming cold weather.

Les Produits De Maya is a natural skin care brand, that makes organic and vegan skin products. Their Oleo Calcareous liniment is a multi purpose ointment I use all day, every day. They also carry vegan soap, CoKa whipped body butter and outdoor protective cream.

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Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange of my review. I only share my honest opinions with you. c2d5079d768d526626bb0669bf6560915634a867fb98607a57