If you are following me on social media, you would know that I scream at the top of my lungs about one particular product. You got it! It’s the Les Produits de Maya Oleo Calcareous liniment. This liniment was one of my recent discovery and it is indisputably one of my favourite products out there. Never heard of liniment? Let me explain all about it and once you’re done reading this post, be ready to join the MaYa bandwagon ;).

What is a Liniment?

Liniment is like an ointment which is ancestrally used in Europe to cleanse baby’s bum. It is used after diaper changes to protect baby’s sensitive skin. Marie & Yannick adopted this recipe and took over our cloth diaper community by a whirlwind.

Uses for Les Produits De Maya liniment

Les Produits De MaYa Oleo Calcareous liniment is made of natural organic products. The liniment is a creamy liquid mixture of olive oil & lime water. MaYa liniment comes in 4 different scents – Regular , Shea, Coconut and Coconut +Shea. It feels a little glossy,creamy and leaves a slight sheen when applied on skin. Its got a very subtle fragrance of olive oil. I personally like Shea butter better which has a mild earthy fragrance.

Every ingredient used to make this liniment is natural,organic and certified vegan.

  • Extra Virgin Olive oil – Everyone raves about the wonders of olive oil. It is even referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by ancient Greeks. Olive oil is rich in fat and full of natural anti oxidant that protects, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • Lime water – It is anti-acidic in nature which  balances the acidity of urine and restores the ph level of the skin.
  • Shea Butter – Rich in vitamins (A,E and F) and essential fatty acids makes skin soft and supple. It has natural anti- inflammatory properties that helps in healing dry and irritated skin.
  • Coconut Oil –  Hydrates and retains the moisture in the skin.It has anti-bacterial,anti-fungal and anti-aging properties.

The MaYa liniment also comes in 4 different sized bottles – 60ml (travel size), 180 ml, 240 ml and 500 ml. They recently added a family size 1 Litre bottle.

Uses for Les Produits De Maya liniment

A natural alternative to Disposable wipes:

Les Produits De MaYa liniment made it easy for me to switch to cloth wipes and ditch disposable wipes even while travelling. I have a 500ml liniment bottle sitting in my diaper caddy. Why the 500ml bottle? Because it is the one that comes with a pump. It is so much easier to pump out the liniment rather than a squeezing a bottle while rendering to a squirmy baby.

My diaper change routine starts with pumping out a drop of liniment on a cloth wipe. Then I run it all over my baby’s bum. When there is massive explosion (I am talking all over the back, into the sheets and everything in the vicinity explosion!) I do the same thing over again until every single bit is clean. How can such a meagre amount of liniment take care of all the messes you ask? I had the same question until I tried it myself. Trust me, This thing is surreal. It does really work!

What about using it on the go? I pack a few cloth wipes along with the travel size bottle in my wet bag and toss it in my diaper bag. Everything I need for a diaper change is right there and I don’t need to run around looking for a change room.

Uses for Les Produits De Maya liniment


The best thing about the liniment is that it does double duty as a cleanser and a moisturizer. You don’t need to wash the it off, its like a leave -in conditioner for skin. It is cloth diaper safe. Also it leaves a thin oily layer behind that retains the moisture of the skin making it soft to touch. Its antimicrobial properties helps to keep rashes at bay.

& Much More:

What I love about Les Produits De MaYa liniment is its multi-functionality. Apart from using it for diaper changes I use it for a million other things. To remove cradle cap, as a daily moisturizer, hand cream, after wax cream, to dry ends of my hair and the list goes on. MaYa liniment has successfully replaced many of my self-care products. I see myself reaching for this liniment more and more each day. See below on all the different ways one can use this liniment.

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Uses for Les Produits De Maya liniment

Disclosure: I received this product for free. I will only share my honest opinions with you.