Les Produits De Maya outdoor protective cream reviewI’m pretty much obsessed with Les Produits De Maya. Seriously, What’s not to love about this brand? Canadian? Check! Eco friendly? Check! Organic & Natural? Check! AMAZING customer service? Check! Check! Check! Now combine all this with a range of products that actually work? Well,You have a die-hard fan! Marie, the co-owner of Les Produits De Maya sent me some of their products to test drive and one of them was their Outdoor protective cream. Since I was already on the look out for a sun protective cream I jumped on this. Let’s go the review, shall we?

About the product:

The outdoor protective cream is creamy mineral based sunblock which contains no harmful chemicals. Les Produits De Maya outdoor protection cream contains only 6 natural elements – Zinc Oxide, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil , Shea butter, Carnauba wax & Vitamin A. Zinc Oxide is the best sunblock around (in my opinion & according to EWG). Zinc oxide is a natural mineral that is used for sun protection for ages. It offers maximum protection against both UVA &  UVB rays which are the main culprits for skin aging & burning. The best thing about Zinc oxide is it’s not absorbed by the skin, rather it forms an outer layer and stays above the skin. Zinc oxide is also highly stable and doesn’t break down like other chemicals when exposed to strong sunrays. Zinc oxide defects the harmful sunrays from entering epidermis (skin’s outer layer) and thereby protecting our skin from UV rays that are found to cause skin cancer. Les Produits De Maya outdoor protective cream contains 20% of Zinc Oxide which works out to be an Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 (approximately). SPF 30 screens off 93% of UV rays and is the ideal to look for in any sunscreen.

Les Produits De Maya outdoor protective cream review

Apart from Zinc Oxide, Les Produits De Maya also contains some natural oils that keep your skin moisturized & hydrated. Coconut oil is another natural oil that has an SPF of 4 and has excellent anti-oxidant properties. Coconut oil is well-known for its healing properties and has always been applied topically to soothe skin burns. I was born in India where every home has a coconut tree. Yes, we had 3 coconut trees in our backyard. Coconut is a staple in our home, it’s a big part in our cuisine and skin care routine. It gives me a homey feeling when I encounter North American products that embraces the goodness of Coconut Oil. Les Produits De Maya also contains Olive oil which offers abundant goodness for our skin. Olive oil is an amazing moisturizer,it  prevents skin aging and gives you a good dose of essential vitamins like A,D,K & E. What I love about Les products De Maya outdoor protective cream is that I don’t need an encyclopedia to understand the ingredients. Most of the ingredients used are very common or can be understood with little research.

Les Produits De Maya outdoor protective cream review

How to use the outdoor protective cream?

I squeeze a small amount of cream into my palm and apply it generously over my face, ears and other exposed parts. I used this on myself and my kids. When you take the cream on your hands , you might see some small lumps. These lumps actually dissolve as you apply them on the skin. When we talk about Zinc Oxide sunblock, people immediately picture lifeguards with white patches on their skin. Les Produits De Maya uses non nano Zinc Oxide which means you don’t turn into a ghost after putting this on. I have a combination skin type, my T-zone always looks waxy & oily. These oils also washes off any face creams that I use. In spite of my super oily skin I didn’t feel the need to reapply this cream any sooner than the suggested 2 hours. I tried it on my 2-year-old too. Little Man is extremely sensitive to sun & gets fried like a bacon in no time. Les Produits De Maya worked really well on him. It is indeed a struggle to lather him up with a sunscreen but a small bribe seemed to work (iPhone freezes even the most rambunctious child ). Now I carry this cream always in my purse. We even took it on our trip to BC. From splish splashing in the pool to playing in the sandy beach, this cream kept us protected from sun and we had fun in the outdoors without getting burnt.

What I love about Les Produits De Maya Outdoor Protective cream:

  • Mineral based: I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a mineral based sunscreen. Zinc Oxide  is the ideal choice for a mineral based sunscreen. 20% Zinc oxide present in Les Products De Maya is equivalent to a Sun protection factor of 30.
  • Natural Oils: Coconut oil & Olive oil has endless skin benefits. They hydrate & moisturize your skin along with healing the damaged skin cells. Coconut Oil also offers an additional sun protection of SPF 4. Olive oil is an excellent anit-oxidant. It helps repair damaged cells and nourishes the skin.
  • Chemical-free Ingredients: All the ingredients used in this cream are natural & organic. You don’t need an encyclopedia to understand these ingredients. They are also free of chemicals.
  • Excellent customer service: Maire, the co-owner of Les Produits de maya is very sweet & helpful. I have interacted with her a couple of times, tested her patience with lots of questions but she was always very welcoming and ensures that my questions are answered.

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You can now buy Les Produits De Maya outdoor protective cream from Gentle Nest.

Disclosure: I received this product for free to try. I share only my honest views with you.