Lil Helper Cloth Diaper review
You keep hearing great things about a brand and you think, oh boy! I need to try this brand! But then, life happens and this slips out of your mind. One fine day, when you are killing time on Facebook, there is this brand popping up in your newsfeed and you ask yourself, ‘why haven’t I tried this brand yet?’ This was my case with Lil Helper Cloth diapers. Without anymore procrastination, I opened my laptop and wrote to Lil Helper’s customer service. First things first, they swept me by my feet with their exceptional customer service. You see, As a budding blogger, I reach out to so many brands and I get ignored more than I care to admit, so much to the point I start questioning their brand ethics. On the other hand, there are also brands, like Lil Helper Cloth diapers,that go an extra mile, and makes you feel special and valued.

When you order from Lil helper, you not only get what you ordered, there is always a surprise bonus! Oh yes!, ask any Lil Helper fan. they will attest to it. What I asked to review was their Charcoal diaper with overnight insert and a diaper to giveaway to my fans (that’s you!). What else did I get? A pair of bamboo inserts, some tea, a bag of chocolate (actually it’s just the wrapper, I ate the chocolate before my toddler could find it), a hand written note from Mohammed, Isn’t this cool? I mean,  Which company sends you a free diaper to review, one to giveaway and freebies on top of it? I am smitten by their customer service! If this doesn’t itch you to try this brand, I have more titbits that will make you run to their website to place an order.

  • God Forbid Guarantee: This is the ONLY company that I know of that has this policy stated publicly in their website. What’s this guarantee, you ask? If in case, something unfortunate happens during your pregnancy or chid birth, Lil Helpers, will refund the entire amount of your purchase. This simple act of kindness makes my heart warm.
  • Baby Do Good: For every 3 diapers you purchase, Lil Helpers donate a cloth diaper to a family in need.
  • Did I mention out of the world customer service?

The Design:

Lil Helper diapers are designed to function as an All in Two diapers. The diaper itself comes in two parts, an water proof outer shell and an absorbent insert that snaps into the shell. The inserts are charcoal bamboo. Charcoal insert is a new fancy term that keep coming up in my cloth diaper community. What’s with this Charcoal inserts? It’s actually burnt charcoal bamboo powder which is then applied over organic fabric that gives it a dark greyish colour. Charcoal inserts are  said to be anti bacterial and hypo allergic (great to prevent diaper rashes), all while being ultra absorbent, stain free and stay dry.  Charcoal inserts don’t need to be prepped. That’s right, there is no washing, drying and repeating, simply wash them once and they all set with maximum absorbency.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper review

Lil Helper One size diaper comes with 2 Charcoal inserts – small (2 layer charcoal cloth and 2 layers of micro terry) and a large ( 2 layers charcoal cloth and 2 layers of micro terry). Both the large and small insert snap together and to the diaper shell. I also received their night time insert to test drive. Their night time insert is broader than the day time inserts and has more absorbency. Both the large and small night time inserts has 4 layers of absorbency offering a total of 8 layers of absorbency for your heavy soaker. One terrific fact about their night time insert is that the large insert has a PUL lining at the back which stops all leaks from a heavily saturated insert. The large insert also features additional gussets, an extra insurance against leaks.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper review

The diaper cover is fully lined with soft buttery micro fleece instead of tradition PUL that you get with most All in Two’s. This One Size diaper comes with 3 row of rise snaps, that can fit babies from 7lbs to 35 lbs. The diaper features both waist snaps and hip snaps. It has single snap closure with a additional hip snap to prevent droopy wings. It also comes with  cross over snaps to make this diaper fit a tiny newborn.

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper review

As usual, We tried this diaper on Little miss, who is 16 pounds now and Little man, who is a lean 22 pound toddler. Let me first tell you about their day time insert. I used both large and small insert for both my kids. Little Man is an above average wetter but that varies depending on the amount of fluids he drinks up. I always gauge how much he drinks and decide whether he needs a diaper change before his usual 3 hour time frame. Little Miss is still nursing and I consider her a heavy wetter. On an average, the day time insert lasted 2-3 hours with both my kids. I’d say that’s a good amount of absorbency. The day time insert by itself is well loaded with absorbency to successfully handle nap times or small outings.

Lil Helper Cloth diaper review
The rise of the diaper is actually high enough. But my toddler was just not cooperative enough to let me get a good fit.

I had Little Miss in the smallest snap setting and Little Man in the Medium rise. When using the day time inserts, the fit was very well pleasing and amazingly trim. On snapping the night time inserts, the diapers felt a little bulky. It is not unusual for night time diapers to be a bit bulkier. In order to accommodate both the inserts, I moved up a rise for both the kids. Little Man went up the large setting and Little Miss to medium. If you have any issues with getting a good fit, Check out this video. I found this video very helpful.

Now to answer the ultimate question, Did it work for us night time? In short, Yes and No!  Little Man stayed comfortable and not leaking for 10 hours. For Little Miss, I would need a little bit more absorbency. But adding any more boosters to this diaper would make it explode (too much bulk!)

The charcoal  inserts offer stay dry effect and keeps baby’s skin from feeling wet. The dark colour of these inserts also stains less and washes with ease. The way the inserts snap between themselves and into the shell , makes this diaper very easy to use. Since the cover is not wipeable PUL, It always get wet with pee and I never got to reuse the shells. But I know many who do air dry and reuse the shells. If there is one thing I would like to change about Lil Helper diapers is having an all natural insert option. There are layers of microterry underneath both their day time and night time inserts. While it’s not a deal breaker for me, it is for many cloth diapering parents.

What I love :

  • Top notch customer service: Lil Helper cloth diapers provide 24 hours customer service through email, phone or if possible in person.
  • Ease of use: The inserts that snap into the diaper makes this diaper system very easy to use. It is also very convinient while travelling. Just take one shell and 3 inserts you are covered for 3 diaper changes.
  • Excellent Fit: This diaper fit my 2 year old and 9 month old amazingly well. 3 rise setting and bottom hip snap works to give a real snug fit.
  • Absorbency: The absorbency is on par with any of the other similar diapers I have tested. It lasts a good 2-3 hours which is perfect for nap time and short outings.
  • Charcoal inserts: I seem to like these inserts. They offer superb staybdry effect. The insert seems lighter and drier when out of the washer when compared to other inserts in my stash. The dark colour keeps stains at bay.

What I would love to see:

  • As mentioned above, an all natural fibre insert would be a nice option to have.

Overall I am in love with this company. Go try them and I’m sure you won’t regret.

Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for my review. I will only share my honest opinions with you.

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