With my baby girl due in December I am inclining towards using cloth diapers right from birth. With Prince we used disposable diapers for the first 2 or 3 months after which we started using Kawaai new pure and natural newborn diapers. If you know me I am all about saving money and I cringe to spend a single penny from my pocket. Using disposable diapers I was going through 10 diapers a day. A pack of pampers (88 diapers) costs 30$ and it would last me a week. So I nearly spent 90$ a month, 270$ for 3 months.

Using cloth in the new-born stage means you save a lot of money plus you save almost 700 disposables from the landfill. So cloth seemed the ideal way to go except the cost factor. I would at least need 24 diapers to last for 2 days. But buying the newborn diapers would cost me much more than 270$ which I would have to spent on disposables. Just when I was breaking my head I got to hear about Newborn rental packages. The idea behind newborn rental program is that you get to cloth diaper right from the newborn stage without investing hundreds of dollars in newborn diaper stash. You rent the diapers for a specific period (most of the rentals are flexible to extend the rental period if need be) and return the diapers back for a very nominal rental fee. Now how cool is that!

So today I am going to think out loud about different new-born cloth diaper rental packages in Canada and try to figure out which one should I choose to go with.

CCDD offers this trial package for 3 weeks for a rental fee of 25$ plus deposit. You simply contact CCDD and/or add the new-born package rental to your cart and your rental is secured. You can order this package before or after your little one arrives. Once this is done CCDD gets in touch with you to pick preferred diaper colours and the date you wish to start. You get to try these diapers for 3 weeks and after which you have 3 options.

  • You can return all the diapers and get your deposit back (the rental fee is non-refundable)
  • Keep the diapers you like and CCDD will refund the money for the diapers you returned.
  • Keep all and you will get your rental fee (25$) back.

You also get free consultation, some cool accessories like liners, wet bag, laundry detergent and sample diaper cream to keep. CCDD also offers a customizable package where you can choose which diapers you want. You can always get in touch with CCDD if you happen to have any questions and folks over there will be more than willing to help you out.


  • Newborn Rental Package – Bumbini.

Bumbini offers this rental package for 2 months for the fee of 160$ which is quite reasonable considering that you would be spending almost the same amount or more on disposable diapers i.e if you opt that route. Just like placing any other fluff order you can  add this package to your cart and wait for the diapers to show up 2 weeks before your due date. Want the diapers before or a little later? No problem. Just give Bumbini a call and they will help you. Bumbini also offers free phone, Skype or in person consultation helping with any of your diaper queries.


You can buy these rental packages by weeks. The price is 40$ per week with a deposit amount of 400$ which will be refunded to you when you return the diapers. You receive the diapers in New or gently used condition. The best part about this package is that you also get some one size diapers to try which gives a good head start if you wish to continue cloth diapering (Why wouldn’t you?).


You get the rental package for 6 weeks or more. You have to pay 25$ initially to reserve your rental package. You also get some one size diapers to try and decide which suits your baby’s needs as they grows.


The above mentioned retailers are able to ship the diapers anywhere* within Canada. Apart from these there are few retailers that offer packages that are available locally.

  • 3 Little Monkeys – This is a 3 week rental that costs 60$. You get 24 mother – ease fitted diapers with 6 covers. Local pick up near Sunnyside , Ottawa.
  • Extraordinary Baby Shoppe –  Located in Hintonburg, Ottawa this shop offers rental for 4 week (80$). You get 20 size 0 Kissaluvs fitted and 10 Fuzzibunz XS. You have to purchase your own covers though.

I have finally decided to go with Calgary cloth diaper depot rental package.I have placed my order and all I have to do now is patiently wait until the day the package arrives. I am so excited to see my baby girl in fluffy bottoms 🙂

I really hope all this information helps you and encourages you to dip your toe in cloth. I would also like to hear your experience about cloth diapering a new-born. Did you rent the diapers or buy a new born stash?