If there is a contest for the littlest diaper with the cutest name, my pick would be Nuggles! Bittees. It’s one of the itty bitty cutesy things I have ever seen.And there is much more to this diaper than what meets the eye.

Design:Nuggles! Bittees newborn stay dry AIO diaper review

The Nuggles! Bittees is a single piece diaper aka All In One in Cloth diapering lingo. The waterproof TPU forms the outer layer and the inner absorbent core is made microfibre and to top it off it has a buttery soft micro-fleece lining to keep your little one nice and dry.


This Nuggles!Bittees Newborn stay dry AIO reviewdiaper is designed to fit babies weighing from 5 to 15lbish. There are two rows of waist snaps. You start with the lower rise of waist snaps and then move on to the upper snaps as your baby grows.
Nuggles! has done an excellent job of looking into itty bitty details while framing thNuggles! Bittees newborn stay dry AIO diaper reviewis itty Bittee diaper.

For instance, the colored umbilical cord snap makes it so easy to use during postpartum haze.It also makes it easy to leave instructions with babysitters or caregivers who knows naught about modern cloth diapers.

The unique thing about Nuggles! Diapers are their signature dual leg gussests. I have spotted it on their Onesize Simplee diaper and is replicated in their newborn version as well. There is a TPU lining that comes between the leg elastics and the inner absorbent core. This means no wet fabric will touch your baby clothes minimizing leg leaks.

Nuggles! Bittees newborn stay dry AIO diaper review

Now, let’s talk about fit! The fit of the diaper on Princess is a feast to my eyes. It looks oh so pretty!We started using this diaper around 7 pounds and it haves us a great fit. But Princess grew a little chunkier at legs than at the waist so sometimes I struggle to get a good fit around her waist without pinching her thighs. The leg gussets contained all her poop-storms really well.



As far as the absorbency is concerned, I should say I’m impressed! The absorbency is remarkable! The microfibre isn’t everyone’s favorite but I don’t resent them. (They are thirsty and absorbs really quick). Nuggles! also offers their Signature Stay-Dry bamboo booster designed explicitly for their newborNuggles!Bittees Newborn stay dry AIO reviewn diapers and can be purchased separately HERE. I did not buy the booster but I have heard great things about them.The boosters are designed and made in Canada from 100% Canadian milled fabrics.

Even without the booster, the diaper lasted us 2 hours which is pretty good for a newborn diaper.

Nuggles!Bittees Newborn stay dry AIO review

What I love:

  • Designed to fit babies weighing from 5 to 15 lbs.
  • Absorbent layers of microfiber with pocket opening on both sides to add boosters and enables quick drying time.
  • My personal favorite is the colored snaps which makes the diaper very user-friendly.
  • Very affordable price for an excellent quality diaper.
  • Designed in Canada and made ethically in China.

What would I love to see:

The diaper claims to fit until 15lbs which is not the case with us.At 12 lbs we are getting a skin-tight fit around the legs that leaves red marks(but that’s because Princess is chunkier at legs than the waist).


This is a very well-made quality diaper that is designed in Canada by a Canadian mom.For the price of 16 CAD this is a killer product and I highly recommend it.

Shop & Connect:

You can get it directly from Nuggles or Lagoon Baby

Nuggles Bitteess newborn cloth diaper review