I always love to try local products made exclusively here in Canada with Canadian raw materials. Omaïki is one such company formed by two friends who turned their passion into business. Their motto is simple…manufacturing reusable products locally from A to Z. Apart from Cloth diapers they also make training pants, feminine hygiene products and litter less lunch products.

Today I am going to review one of their many amazing products, the teeny tiny Omaiki Mini Ö All in one. Mini Ö is designed to fit smaller/premature babies weighing from 5lbs to 13 lbs. It is sized perfectly to bridge the gap from birth until the One-size diapers fit well. The exterior of the diaper is made of 100% PUL. Inside is made of suede cloth which wicks the moisture away from baby’s skin and provides a stay dry effect. The absorbent core is made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton. The soaker is not completely sewn in but is attached only at one end which makes this diaper easy to wash and dry.

Omaiki Mini O review

Omaiki Mini O All in One

The diaper comes in a hook & Loop closure and has one row of rise snaps.

The diaper has a wide crotch that effectively contains all the poop and the leg elastics keep them locked in. There is no umbilical cord snap, but the diaper is kinda curvy at the tummy thus creating a lower rise that does not mess with the umbilical cord area.

I was a little disappointed with the absorbency of this diaper. We had leaks within an hour and the lack of pocket opening made it difficult to boost this diaper. The only way that I could stretch this diaper’s absorbency was by adding a folded cloth wipe under the insert. But this diaper was very handy (thanks to the Velcro!) during the initial newborn stages when you change diapers bazillion times a day.

Omaiki Mini O diaper review

What I Love:

  • High quality diaper made here in Canada.
  • Designed to fit smaller/prematue babies from 5 – 13 lbs
  • Bamboo viscous absorbent soaker and a  stay dry suede body lining.
  • Hook & Loop closure (my favourite for newborn diapers)
  • Simple no-hassle design makes this diaper super easy to use.

What I would love to see:

  • I would like to see some major improvement in the absorbency of the soaker.
  • a pocket opening to add boosters.


I am all sold for this diaper for the ‘Made in Canada’ tag it comes with. Seriously! It is no little feat to make a product from A to Z in Canada. Hats off to Omaïki for being local and supporting local! Ofcourse the authenticity in making this diaper is reflected in the price of the diaper(retails for 23 CAD)but you get an over-the-top patriotic feeling supporting a local company.

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