This year I celebrated Mother’s Day as a mother of two under 2. As I sat down to write this post I took a walk down my memory lane. When I utter the phrase ‘2 under 2’ I have people looking at me with utmost pity, even had people that had scared me to death about the ramifications of having 2 kids under 2. Life is certainly not a bed of roses, there are more than one thorn pricking me every day here and there. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying being a mother of these two. Motherhood has changed me a lot.  It has unveiled the emotions that I never thought existed in me. It made me fragile yet unbreakable, sensitive yet strong. It has brought me to my knees, flooded me with tears with a smile on my lips. It has trained me to be on my toes 24*7, taught me to expect the unexpected and to love life as it comes. Do I have everything figured out? No, not even close! Do I feel like plucking my hair once in a while and feel like an absolute failure? Most Certainly! But at the end of the day an innocent smile, a warm embrace and a soft kiss on the cheek makes it all worthwhile. I return to my bed feeling proud as a mother not because I have done everything perfectly but because I have learnt to love perfectly.

Up for review today is Omaïki Newborn Fitted diaper and newborn Cover. I have previously reviewed their Mini O newborn AIO and raved all about this prestigous Canadian company. Se lets scoot over to the review;

Omaiki newborn fitted and cover review

O Sleep Mini Design & Features:

The O sleep Mini is a miniature version of Omaiki’s famous one size O Sleep fitteds. The O sleep Mini comes with an flannel exterior and the inner absorbent core made of bamboo is sewn into the diaper. There is an additional bamboo soaker that is attached to one end of the diaper. Both the soaker and the diaper itself is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) for the stay dry feeling. The leg and back elastics are pretty looking ruffles that looks completely adorable. Not just good looks but these elastics does a great job in giving a snug fit around chicken legs. This tiny diaper can be made even more tinnier with the presence of one row of rise snaps. They do not feature an umbilical cord snap but the curvy concave waist allows for an uninterrupted fit around the cord. This little diaper is designed to fit babies weighing from 5 to 14 lbs.

Omaiki newborn fitted and cover review

This diaper comes in both snap and H&L closure. Both the versions has a cross-over option to make this diaper fit around tiny waists. The wings are super stretchy (like a t-shirt). The diaper comes in various adorable prints. Isn’t this little birdie print ‘chirp’-full? These would make great photoshoot props especially because they look and feel like a piece of clothing.

Omaiki newborn fitted and cover review

Everything looks rosy with this diaper until you take it for a spin in the dark. This can be a very successful day-time diaper and can even be boosted and used for nap-time but thats the end of it. This diaper ain’t got what it takes to be a night-time diaper. Sad but true! For the price of the diaper I would expect it to come with the booster especially if it is designed and advertised for night time use. That said, this is an excellent quality diaper made here in Canada. I love this diaper for the ‘All Canadian’ value it holds. Its a great feeling to purchase and support locally made products and you can’t put a price tag on that.

Omaiki newborn fitted and cover review

Mini Newborn Cover:

The newborn cover is made of 100% PUL exterior. Designed to fit babies weighing from 5 – 14lbs. This cover also comes with 2 closure options. You can either choose snap or Hook & Loop closure. I got the snap closure ’cause that was the only available option at Bumbini when I purchased these. The cover comes with 2 rows of rise snaps, an umbilical cord snap and a single cross over snap. It has a double leg gussets which is an invaluable feature that I consider a must-have in any newborn cover. The cover has double layer of pul around the snaps to prevent leaks.

Omaiki newborn fitted and cover review

I would say that this mini cover is not so mini. Fully unsnapped it is bit smaller than my Thirsties size 1 cover (which is designed to fit babies from 0 to 9 months). Fully snapped it is a little bigger and a lot wider than my Sweet Pea newborn cover. It fits perfectly over the O sleep Mini. I even use this over my newborn Sloomb fitted and it works pretty well. I should say that this Cover is a great buy since I’m still using it (at 4 months) over many other fitted diapers and Prefolds.

Omaiki newborn fitted and cover review

The only minor thing that I may not like about this cover would be the wide crotch.

Omaiki newborn fitted and cover review

What I love:

  • Stay dry AWJ lining on the fitted diaper.
  • Available in snap or velcro closure.
  • 2 rows of rise snaps and curvy front to accommodate the umbilical cord.
  • Cover has double gussets for leak protection.
  • Cover fits well past the the suggested 14lbs mark.
  • Available in super cute prints.

What I would love to see:

  • Definitely needs more absorbency for night time use.
  • Cover is a bit wider than neccesary.


I love the quality of the diaper, the Made in Canada tag and the loaded features this diaper and cover comes with.

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