Omaiki Orion night time fitted diaper reviewIf you are following me on Facebook, you would know all about my recent crush about Omaiki Cloth diapers. I’m not new to Omaiki as a brand, infact I had a very positive experience when I tried their newborn diapers. They got my undivided attention when they recently redesigned their entire line of diapers based on customer reviews and in an effort to make their diapers more affordable. I soon found myself swooning over their new prints; have you seen their newest print English Roses

Omaiki Orion night time fitted diaper review

The Design:

Orion night time  diaper is a fitted diaper. The diaper is a One Size diaper with 4 rise settings. It has a single row of  waist snaps  with double cross over snaps. The diaper features soft and beautiful elastics gathered at the leg and waist. The blue trimming over the edges are truly gorgeous.The diaper feels like a cloud. It is unbelievably soft and is love at first sight. The absorbent material here is made of bamboo sherpa, bamboo viscose, organic cotton and polyester. All the fabric used in making this gorgeous diaper are 100% Canadian. The body of the diaper comes with a sewn in soaker and there is an additional snake style insert for more absorbency.

Omaiki Orion night time fitted diaper review

The snake style insert comes with a stay dry side (made of polyester wicking jersey) and a bamboo side. Putting my kids on a stay dry diaper is important for me, though my kids don’t seem to care. But I do know that a lot of babies are sensitive to anything polyester and can only tolerate having natural fibres next to their skin. Omaki Orion fitted diaper gives you both the options to choose from, the soaker has a stay dry side and a natural fibre side made of bamboo. You can fold the soaker in such way to have the stay dry or the bamboo side facing up against the baby’s skin.

Omaiki Orion night time fitted diaper review

Fit & abosrbency:

Little Miss A is 11 months old and 16 pounds. It is usual for me to put her in a medium setting in most of her diapers. But with the Orion fitted diaper she was on the smallest rise setting with the cross over snap. By the look of it, the diaper runs a little big and I’m not so sure if this would fit all babies at 8lbs. But I’m 100% convinced that this diaper is going to last until both the kids potty train. I have been struggling a bit with finding the right night time cloth diapers for Little Miss as she is still nursing all through the night. I would rate her as a heavy wetter and it’s not only about the amount of pee, but is about where she pees. Her pee is mostly concentrated at the back of the diaper, so I wanted a night time solution where I can add more absorbency at the back. Was Omaiki listening to me when they designed this diaper? The snake style insert is perfect for layering at the back of the diaper where Little Miss needs the most. And since the whole body of the diaper is absorbent it amps up the absorbency factor at the back. Was it adequate enough to hold all her pee? The diaper was indeed completely soaked but never once leaked through the cover. I laid a booster sandwiched between the snake style insert and the body of the diaper to add more absorbency for her. The diaper is very trim even after adding a booster.

Omaiki Orion night time fitted diaper review

Little Miss had an ear infection and was taking antibiotics the whole time we tested this diaper. For the first few days, the anti biotics gave her diarrhoea and she would pass loose stools at random times including middle of the night. This diaper with the gentle ruffles around the legs and waist saved me from changing and washing bed sheets at the middle of the night.  The damn diarrhoea also gave poor Little Miss diaper rashes and I let her wear only the Orion fitted diaper (with no cover) during nap time for better air flow.

Little Man J is will be 2.5 years coming December and the amount he pees differs each day. Some days he wakes up with a dry diaper (time to potty train?) and sometimes fully soaked. He is by no means a heavy wetter, unless he wakes up in the middle of the night for some water. We tested the Omaiki Orion night time diaper thrice with Little Man with 3 different results each time. We had a dry diaper, a fully soaked diaper but never a leaky diaper.

Omaiki Orion night time fitted review

Ariane from Omaiki also sent me a diaper cover that perfectly fits over the Orion fitted diaper. The cover looks roomy and fits perfectly over the Orion fitted diaper. The cover comes with 3 rise settings and a row of waist and hip snaps. Some of you might find this cover saggy around the legs and back. But I learnt to appreciate roomy night time covers. Why you ask? Because it provides air flow inside the cover; in the cloth diapering equation more air = less rashes.

Omaiki Orion night time fitted diaper review

For some unknown reason, I have always stayed away from fitted diapers. May be I thought  fitted diapers were bulky, or perhaps I thought they don’t clean well and stink over the time. Let me tell you something, Fitted diapers are awesome! Omaki Orion night time diaper has cast away my fear for fitted and made me regret not trying one sooner. These diapers are not as bulky as I imagined them to be. Since the absorbency is not completely sewn in and every layer of the insert comes apart, it is easier to clean and faster to dry.

  • Canadian made : All the diapers that come with an Omaiki tag are proudly Canadian made with locally made fabrics. I have always loved supporting local businesses and Omaiki is sure become one of my favourites for their All Canadian motto.
  • Customizable absorbecy: The snake style insert is a big hit for us. Cloth diapering a boy & girl can be two different things. The night time solutions that works for a girl might not always work for a boy and vice versa. With a snake style insert you can easily modify the absorbency and add more layers where needed (at the back for girls & in the front for boys)
  • Drying time : I have always imagined fitted diapers to take along time to air dry. I primarily line dry all of my diapers and inserts. The Omaiki Orion fitted diaper is one of the fastest drying night time diaper in my stash.
  • Breathable & Soft : Are all fitted diapers this breathable? The Orion diaper feels so squishy and is soft as a cloud. I would let Little Miss just wear this diaper when she had rashes because of how breathable this diaper was.
  • One size: This diaper is designed to fit babies from 8 – 35+ pounds. It fits very well over my 16 pounds girl and 22 pound toddler with lots & lots of room to grow. I’m pretty sure this will be used very well until both my kids potty train.
  • Affordable price point: Supporting a locally made product doesn’t have to cost you an arn & leg and Omaiki has demystified this myth. Orion fitted diaper costs 30 CAD dollars. Honestly , I have North American made night diapers that I have paid more than this.
  • Runs a little bigger:  When compared with other OS diapers in my stash, this diaper seems to run a little bigger. I’m not a 100% convinced that this will fit the suggested 8 lb weight range for all babies.
  • Roomy cover: Although I have no problem with the cover being roomy, some can find it a little saggy around legs. Do keep in my mind it is better to have a saggy diaper than dealing with diaper rashes. I really appreciate the roomy diaper cover because it gives a little room for the diaper to breathe.

Omaiki Orion fitted diaper has made me go from “I don’t like fitted diapers’ to ‘Fitteds are awesome’! My only regret is not having tried them earlier. It could have solved all my night time frustration. Omaki has also generously sponsored a Orion night time fitted diaper for one of you to win. Enter to win below. Open to US & Canada, 18+ only.

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