This ‘Earth Month’ let’s take a look at our plastic consumption and how they govern our lives. Seriously, they are everywhere , including the ocean trenches preying on marine life. In spite of their proven dangers and health threats, we can’t seem to wipe them off from our lives. But, little drops make an ocean. If we all decide to cut down the use of plastics in our life and opt for more eco-friendly choices, it can and will make a huge impact.

Here’s a list of Plastic free choices you can make in every area of your life.

Plastic-free choices for Baby & Kids:

  1. Use Cloth diapers and ditch the disposable diapers. Cloth diapers will also save you thousands of dollars and are safe for your baby.
  2. Switch to cloth wipes to wipe baby’s face, hands and even for diaper changes. Disposable wipes has so many ingredients that you can’t even spell. Do you really want to expose your baby’s sensitive skin to all these toxic chemicals?
  3. Skip the store-bought diaper cream. If you have any DIY skills, you can make your own diaper cream with safe and natural ingredients. If not, virgin coconut oil will do the trick. Do you know the best way to prevent diaper rashes? Give your baby some diaper free time everyday, that’s the best way to prevent rashes.
  4. Making your own baby products like baby shampoo, body wash and baby lotion will help you cut down on hoarding tons of single use plastic bottles.
  5. Choose plastic free feeding bottles, sippy cups and other cutleries. There are plenty of high quality glass, stainless steel products to choose from.
  6. Make your own baby food and store in them glass containers or small mason jars
  7. Plastic toys taking over your living room? Opt for a fewer,but heirloom quality wooden toys.  Try and resist the urge to buy any toy that your toddler points at. Instead shop at consignments or second-hand. Consider swapping your toys in your mom friends circle.

Plastic free choices for Kitchen:

  1. Have you heard of Un-paper towels? Switching to paperless towels will not only cut down plastics but will also save trees.
  2. Put your DIY skills in action and make your own dish soap and dish washer detergent. Or buy a powdered dishwasher detergent that comes in a cardboard box.
  3. Plastic containers are not an ideal choice to store any kind of food. So, do your health a favor and switch to glass, wooden or stainless steel containers.
  4. Do not use plastic spatulas for cooking. Plastic exposed to heat is a recipe for disaster. Switch to quality made wooden or steel ones.
  5. Say No to Non-stick cooking dishes and stick to good-old cast iron or stainless steel.
  6. Bee wax food wraps are natural, safe and keeps food fresh longer than the flimsy plastic saran wraps.

Plastic free Choices for Groceries:

  1. Buy loose fruits and vegetables or even better grow your own veggies in your garden. If you have no backyard, try to learn about indoor gardening or look for a community garden in your area.
  2. Buy fresh bread. Use brown paper to wrap it up or carry a bread bag.
  3. Buy meat from a local butcher where you can take your own container to bring it home.
  4. Buy milk and yogurt in glass bottles. Other dairy products like cheese, butter can be purchased from local organic shops or farmer’s market.
  5. Last but not the least, carry grocery bags and produce bags when you go shopping.

Plastic free choices for Travelling/Eating out/Office and School:

  1. Do you know how many disposable spoons and forks are thrown out in a year? Billions! Carrying your own cutlery is a simple change you can make which has a huge impact on the environment.
  2. Carry reusable cup for coffee, juices, and other drinks.
  3. A new study found that there are micro-plastics in 93% of the bottled water it tested. Do you really want to spend more money on a bottled water and put your health at risk? There so many stylish and safe reusable water bottles available at the market. Get one of those and say Good-bye to bottled water! Source
  4. Use reusable sandwich bags, food grade wet bags, steel lunch boxes for snacks and lunch.
  5. Do you really need a straw for a cup of water? Skip the straw when you can! If you absolutely need one, why not carry your own reusable straw?
  6. How about taking your own container for left over food?

Plastic Free choices for Bathroom:

  1. 50 million pounds of tooth brushes enter US landfills every year! Isn’t that alarming? Bamboo tooth brushes are a more Eco-friendly option because bamboo is a very sustainable resource.
  2. Bamboo hair brush is an Eco-friendly alternative to plastic hair brushes.
  3. Switch to reusable family cloth and reusable menstrual products .
  4. Make your own tooth paste or buy ones that come in a glass jar.
  5. Consider making your own beauty and bath products – body wash, shampoo, deodorant, body spray etc.,
  6. Get a safety razor.

We are so accustomed to ‘use and throw’ lifestyle that it can be difficult to jump on the ‘plastic-free’ wagon completely. What we need is a mindset shift! We need to look at the bigger picture and be aware of the damage we are doing to the land we live in. We are continually depleting natural resources and leaving behind a polluted, toxic-filled for our kids! We need to make better choices for the sake of our children, for they are worth it.

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Practical ways to cut down plastics from your life and make eco-friendly choices.