Pura Kiki Bottles review

Motherhood changes the way you look at things. Before Kids I never really thought about the products we used and their impact on our personal health and well-being. But all that changed in a blink of an eye when I had tiny human beings who completely relied on me for the best choices for them. I only wanted the best for my kids. One thing that really struck me hard was using plastics and since then I have been looking for plastics alternatives for all the products we use.

We all have heard the ugly truth about BPA and the adverse health effects it causes. FDA banned the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. So what’s with this BPA free flag that we are seeing all around? BPA in these products are replaced by BPS and BPF. Apart from sounding similar they have similar chemical properties which mean they could cause similar health hazard. So is BPA free really safe? I don’t know. FDA now recommends using glass, steel or food safe porcelain for food storage and serving.

I wanted to share with you my latest discovery which is a product that is 100% plastic-free.


The bottle is made of 304-18/8 food grade steel. Wondering what “18/8” is? This is the type of steel that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. This stainless steel is immune to acids presents in food like milk, fruits etc. Meaning these bottles does not react or leach any chemical into the liquids in the bottle. It does not contain any BPA, phthalates, lead, petroleum and PVC . The nipples and travel cover are made from 100% food safe silicone so there is on plastics in there too.

The Bottle:

The infant bottles come in 5 oz, 9 oz and 11 oz capacity. They come in different colours or the classic stainless steel. I prefer the stainless version against the painted ones because paint can come chipping off. If you prefer to have colors I suggest you get a stainless steel bottle and silicone sleeves of preferred colors. Silicon sleeves give tiny hands good grip to hold , helps in preventing dents or scratches to the bottle. Both the stainless steel bottles and silicon sleeves are top rack dish washer safe but the painted bottles are hand wash only. Pura now also makes insulated thermal infant bottles which can keep the liquid warm or cold up to 6 hours

IMG_0839.jpgThe bottle has a wide mouth which is ideal for proper cleaning. The inside of the bottle is electro polished and sanded which ensures no particulates gets clogged inside the bottle. The measurements are engraved both outside and inside the bottle in oz and ml.



Pura makes nipples, sippy sprouts, straws, sealing discs and silicone sleeves that can be purchased separately. Every accessory that comes with Pura bottles is completely interchangeable with every other Pura bottle. So your 9 oz infant bottles can be converted to a sippy cup, straw cup, snack holder or even to a sport bottle by purchasing the accessories separately. This makes Pura the only bottle that you will need as it grows with your child.

The natural vent nipples that comes with the bottle mimics the milk flow pattern of breast-feeding hence making transition from breast to bottle easier. Pura makes nipples with 4 different flow rates and the Y cut nipples are designed to be used for thicker liquids. The best part about Pura bottles is that they are designed to be compatible with various other nipples from other leading brands like Dr.Brown, Think Baby,MAM etc., I have tried a lot of different nipples before I found the one that my son would accept. So with Pura I can just buy the nipples and not have to buy the bottles which is so much cost-effective.

The Pura team is so confident about their product that they offer a life time guarantee against any manufacturing defects (only for metal parts).

Pura Kiki Bottles Review

Pic Courtesy : Purastainless.com

What I Love:

We have been using Pura Bottles for about a year now and I am thoroughly pleased. The nipples were great for transition from breasts to bottles. I opted for the plain stainless steel bottles as there is no paint to chip. The bottle has survived many of my toddler tornadoes and still looks as good as new. I mostly wash these bottles on running water and sterilize every week in a pot of boiling water . It was perfect to heat up breastmilk or formula as the stainless steel readily conducts heat. We skipped the Sippy cup stage and went straight to using it as a Straw cup. It is perfect for water or juice. The design is sleek and light-weight which makes it easy for my toddler to hold and carry it around. Both the bottles and the nipples (& straw) are super easy to clean. I haven’t noticed any dirt getting stuck in the rounded corners.

Little Man takes these to his day care and we haven’t heard any complaints back. I always have parents enquiring me about these bottles and have received plenty of compliments.

What I like less:

While using the bottles with a Straw the travel cover keeps coming off. I find it a little annoying when it pops out easily. The stainless steel gets cold very soon especially during winter. But you can get those silicone handles or the insulated bottles or carry the bottles in a thermal bottle pockets to resolve this.


The only thing that may set you back from purchasing Pura would be the cost factor. I agree they are pricier. But if you do the math on how many bottles, sippy cups , straw cups and bottles that you will be buying as your child grows and compare it to this ONE bottle which can be converted to anything, you will quickly realize that getting these bottles are in fact cost-effective. Pure bottles are very durable and I can see using ours for years to come.

Do try these bottles and let me know your thoughts. You can get these bottles from Baby FootPrint or from Well.ca

I purchased this product for my personal use. I will only share my honest review with you.