Born Smart by Smart Bottoms is a newborn All – In – One diaper which fits babies from 6 – 16 lbs. The diaper consists of waterproof outer PUL and the interior is made of organic cotton.Made in USA this diaper comes in a lot of really cute prints and solid colours.

This diaper was absolutely adorable and very functional too. As with any other organic material this diaper needed to be prepped. I started using this diaper after washing it 3 times. It finally reached its maximum absorbency after 10 washes. My baby girl was 6lbs when I used this on her and it fit her really well. The inside organic cotton got really soft with every wash and I loved having organic material against my baby’s skin. I had leaks from the legs when I first used this diaper. I researched and quickly learnt that this diaper has non – encased leg elastics which means that the elastics aren’t stitched the whole way. The plus side of non – encased leg elastics is that it doesn’t pinch your baby’s skin but you need to remember to tuck the sides to ensure there is no wicking onto the clothes.


The diaper comes with snap closure only. I love snap closure with my one size diapers but when it comes to changing newborns I prefer hook and loop closure more than snaps. The contrast coloured snaps are bright and catchy. The diaper has one row of raise snaps. The raise snaps offers good fit even on smaller babies.


I love how the inserts are designed in this diaper.The diaper comes with a 4 layer organic cotton insert that can be snapped in. Since the inserts are not sewn into the diaper it gets washed and dried easily.There are 2 snaps that secure the inserts in place. What I love about this diaper is the pocket opening that is available to add more absorbency if needed. Smart Bottoms do sell 4 layer organic cotton boosters separately.

My girl pees through back of the diaper. At times I have noticed that the front of the diaper   is still dry while the back is completely soaked. To tackle this I fold the insert to add more absorbency at the back.

Smart Bottom Born Smart

I did not get the boosters from smart bottoms instead I used my bummis newborn prefolds. Sure it does get bulky but it gives me 4 hours before changing, so I use this diaper for day time naps.The option to add more absorbency  makes this diapers fit longer than most newborn diapers.

I have been using from 2 weeks after birth when my baby girl was 6lbs. Now at 10lbs the diaper still has room to grow.

Smart Bottoms Born Smart

At 10lbs, 2.5 months

Things I love:

  • The All in One design makes this diaper easy to use.
  • The interior has 4 layers of organic cotton sewn into the diaper and there is also an additional booster ( 4 layer organic cotton) that can be snapped in for extra absorbency.
  • There is a pocket opening that enables you to add in more boosters to increase absorbency.
  •  The rise snaps to fit smaller babies.
  • The umbilical cord notch leave plenty of room for the cord and allows it to heal properly.

Things I would love to have:

  • Hook and loop closure.


The Smart Bottoms Born Smart retails for 22.40 CAD which is a decent price for an newborn all in one considering the versatality this diaper offers.

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