Mom’s Little Feat and Cloth Diaper Kids are giving you a chance to win one Bummis OneSize Swim Diaper. Winner’s choice of colour form available stock.

Why use Swim Diaper? and why not your regular diapers? Good Question! Your regular diapers are made to catch pee and poo. Whether you use cloth diapers or disposables they are designed to be absorbent for the above reason. The absorbent material catch the pee while the elastics keeps the poop contained. But Swim diapers to your surprise are intended to do only one job, to catch the poop. So what about the pee? they get mixed in the pool! What? Yes! The chlorine in the pool water disinfect the urine so it doesn’t get contagious. Where as poop is the main culprit for pool infections.

Why use Resusable Swim diapers? Now that I have convinced that you need Swim diapers my next point of negotiation is for you to choose Reusable diapers. But I don’t cloth diaper? You don’t have to. You don’t have to be a full-time or part-time or any time cloth diapering family to use Reusable Swim diapers. Taking care of reusable swim diapers is exactly like taking care of your swim suits. When they get soiled you wash, dry and reuse. Also, reusable swim diapers does a better job in containing poop that disposable diapers. How do I know that? I was unfortunate enough to learn it by my very own experience. Thankfully it was only our pool in our own backyard so the damages were less. But I learnt my lesson. I would highly recommend using Reusable swim diapers especially when you are taking your newborn to the pool. Have you had blow outs when you are using regular diapers?Yes? then disposable swim diapers wouldn’t contain it either. So what if there was an accident you ask? Well, for starters they have to send you all out, empty the pool and sanitize it thoroughly. Even worse, there could have been fecal contamination, which is the major reason for E.coli and other bacterial infections and can sometimes be life threatening. So be wise, be nice, choose reusable swim diapers.

Why Bummis Swimmi?

Bummis Swimmi is a One size design that fits from 10- 35 pounds. It is accepted in all public pools and swim classes.

  • Colorful prints which will STAY bright and beautiful even after many uses, thanks to our unique laminated lycra fabric.
  • Snap closures for easy and quick removal in the case of an accident…. and no snagging of delicate bathing suits!
  • Specially engineered to hold solids in but allow liquids to pass through.
  • A one size design that REALLY does fit from 10 – 35 pounds ( 4.5 – 16 kg).
  • Accepted in all public pools and swim classes

Great for the beach, at the lake, swimming pools – anywhere you go to play with your baby!

Made in Canada from fabrics sourced in North America. Enter the giveaway here —->
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