I find immense joy in diapers that are functional,appealing while still being economical. Sweet Pea diapers are one such find. I purchased Sweet Pea newborn cover and All In One from Lagoon Baby. Sweet Pea newborn diapers are great budget friendly option to build your newborn stash.

Sweet Pea Cover :

The cover is made of wipeable PUL. Meaning you get to reuse the cover multiple times. When the inserts are wet you simply wipe the cover and let it air dry and then use it again. Roughly you can use the same cover thrice unless it is pooped on.

The cover is designed to fit babies in the weight range of 5 – 12 pounds, although I think it can be used over 12 lbs. This diaper cover comes in velcro closure which makes those late night diaper changes breezy. Laundry tabs are present on both ends of the wings. The tabs can be crossed to fit tiny waists. There is one row of 3*3 rise snaps. When snapped down this diaper becomes adorably wee to fit babies fresh from the womb. You can use this cover fitted diapers or prefolds.

Sweet Pea newborn cover

We started using this cover when Princess was 7lbs (around 4 weeks).I used these over Imagine newborn fitted diapers and with a bunch of different prefolds like GroVia, Bummis and Amp 2ply inserts. The cover offered great coverage and leak protection. The double leg gussets sealed all the messes inside yet very gentle on the skin.

Sweet Pea newborn cover

At 2 months (10lbs) we are still using this cover at the smallest rise. I am pretty sure that this cover will last us atleast for another month. I absolutely love this cover and is an irrestible buy at the price of 11.95 CAD. My only concern is that I have noticed the velcro to be fraying after washes.

Sweet Pea Newborn All In One:

Sweet pea newborn diaper is an All in one design with 3 layer of thirsty microfiber soaker sewn together with outer waterproof pul. There is pocket openings (both front and back) to add boosters if needed.The diaper also comes with an additional booster that can be added to boost absorbency. The entire body is lined with micro fleece for ‘stay-dry’ effect.

Sweet Pea newborn aio

There is one row of 3*3 rise snaps that can be used as your baby grows. We started using this diaper from 7lbs and it was a great for my tiny baby.The diaper comes in Velcro closure only and it can be crossed over to provide good fit on tiny waist. Laundry tabs are present on both sides to ensure the velcro stay put during the wash. I believe these diapers can be used right from birth although an umbilical cord snap down feature would have been ensuring that the diaper doesn’t fiddle with the cord.

SweetPea newborn All in one

The elastics are gentle on the legs and back .So far this diaper has performed extremely well in the pee and poop department.

Princess is at 10 lbs now and she is still at the smallest rise. There is lots of room to grow with this diaper. I’m pretty sure that she can wear it up to 12lbs if not more. In terms of absorbency it’s been working for us with the booster for 2 hours. I wish the booster comes with natural fibres like bamboo or hemp, that would definetly shoot up the absorbency quotient of the diaper. The pocket opening is big enough to add a variety of boosters of your choice.

My only concern would be velcro that seems to fray after 2 months of use. I noticed the same with my newborn cover.

Sweet Pea newborn All in One

What I love:

  • Microfleece lining to keep away wetness
  • Front and back pocket opening and additional booster to increase absorbency.
  • Rise snaps that can be snapped down to fit tiny babies and unsnapped as the baby grows.
  • Leg elastics that seal the messes in.
  • Dries very quick.
  • Velcro closure for easy use.
  • Very affordable and comes in assortment of prints.

What I would love to see:

  • An umbilbical cord snap down feature.
  • Booster made of natural fibres like bamboo or hemp.
  • Stronger Velcro.


I absolutely love Sweet Pea newborn covers and All in one diapers. I would definitely recommend these if your a looking for a budget friendly option or simply  to build your newborn stash. The newborn cover retails for 11.95 CAD and AIO is 14.9 CAD. Can’t say no at this price , can you? You can get them from Lagoon Baby