Thirsties Natural Newborn cloth diaper is a simple, North-American made diaper with natural absorbency.

Thristies Newborn is an All in One design, meaning the diaper comes assembled as a single package. The outer layer is a waterproof TPU laminate. The inner body lining is organic cotton.

The main features of the diaper are :

  1. A simple, easy to use All in One design.
  2. Eight layers of natural hemp/cotton absorbency.
  3. Snap closure with umbilical cord snap down option.
  4. Fits 5-14 pounds.
  5. Priced at 24.50 CAD/ 17.95 US.

Thirsties newborn natural all in one

The absorbency comes from 3 soakers – one sewn in soaker and two tongue style soakers. The sewn in soaker has two layers of absorbency, and each tongue style soaker has three layers of absorbency. That’s a total of 8 layers of hemp/cotton absorbency that makes this diaper super thirsty.

The two tongue style soakers are not completely sewn together but only attached at one end of the diaper. Tongue style soakers are easy to wash and are faster to dry. They also offer customized absorbency – fold the soakers at the back for girls or in the front for boys.)


Thirstiest newborn natural all in one

Diapers made of natural fibers need to be washed and prepped before use. The absorbency increased with each wash and reached its maximum after 6-8 washes.

The diaper comes with both hook & loop and snaps closure. I like hook and loop closure for newborns. But there are many who prefer snaps closure. So the option to choose from either one pleases both sets of audience.


The diaper is designed to fit babies from 5 – 14 pounds. The diaper comes with a top row of snaps, one row of rise snaps and a bonus umbilical snap down feature.

Thirstiest newborn natural all in one

We started using this diaper when little girl weighed 7lbs, and it fitted like a glove. The eight layers of absorbency worked like a charm against all copious torrents that she let down.

This diaper is absorbent and puts me at ease without having to check the clock for diaper change continually. There is also an additional layer of PUL that lies against the belly to prevent wicking onto the outfits.

I wish this diaper comes with a stay dry lining. I have always been a stay-dry fan. If you are like me, just throw a fleece liner on top of the diaper.

What I Love about Thristies Newborn Natural:

  • Made in the USA.Thirstiest newborn natural AIO
  • Eight thirsty layers of absorbency made of hemp/cotton.
  • The tongue style semi detached soakers that washes and dries easily.
  • Presence of rise snaps and umbilical cord snap.
  • Gentle and snug leg elastics to contain the newborn runny poop.
  • Comes in both hook and loop and snap options.

What I would love to see:

  • A cross over snap for a snug fit at the waist for tiny babies.
  • A stay dry liner on top.


Thirsties natural newborn all in one is super thirsty without being bulky that comes with the benefits of all organic natural materials. The rise snaps grows with the baby and lasts longer than any of the other newborns diapers. Thirsties natural nb AIO retails for 24.50 CAD and I think its a great price for an North American made diaper.

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