Thirsties Natural OS Fitted Diaper ReviewI never knew the struggle of finding a reliable night time cloth diaper until very recently. With Little Man, we took the easy route and went with disposables, until he self weaned at 10 months. I was no longer nursing him as my supply came down and nursing aversion arose when I got pregnant with Little Miss. But with Little Miss , we are into full time cloth diapering ever since we bought her home. Longer hours of sleep and all night nursing session made it absolutely necessary for me to add some bullet proof night time cloth diapers to my stash. I have been testing some popular night time diapers to see if they stand a chance with my super soaker.

As a part of my night time cloth diapering series, today I’m reviewing Thirsties OS Natural Fitted Diaper. Stephanie at Cloth Diaper Kids sent me one to test and she is  also generously sponsoring a giveaway for our readers.

Thirsties OS Natural fitted is a pretty popular night time solution especially for heavy wetters. While my experience with fitted diapers are minimal at the best, my relationship with Thirsties go a long way back. I have tried their universally popular Duo covers, all natural newborn diapers and super absorbent hemp prefolds and inserts.To me, Thirties and exceptional quality are synonymous and I had no reason to doubt the performance of their natural fitted diaper.

Thirties OS Natural Fitted Diaper Review

The Design:

Thirsties natural fitted is an One Size diaper with 3 rise settings. It comes with a row of waist and hip snaps and has a double snap closure. The diaper has a total of 11 layers of absorbency with 3 layers built in in the body and an additional 8 layers in the soakers that snaps to the body of the fitted. Thirsties natural fitted is made of bamboo/rayon and cotton.The two soakers are sewn together at only at the one end. This diaper comes with 3 different snap colours – Moss (teal), Ocean blue and Fin (grey). Like every other fitted diaper , this needs to be paired with an waterproof outer cover. You can either use Thirsties Duo covers or pair with any other PUL covers in your stash. For extreme soakers, pairing this with a wool cover means waking up to dry sheets.

Thirties OS Natural Fitted Diaper Review

Fit & Absorbency:

Thirsties natural OS fitted diaper is designed to fit babies from 8 – 40 pounds. Being a diaper made of natural diapers these needs to go through a dreaded period of patient prepping. Thirsties actually recommeds that this diaper needs to be prepped thrice before use and it takes about 8 washes for them to reach prime absorbency. Thanks to my mommy brain, I made peanut butter toast without toasting the bread, took the dirty dishes to the bathroom and put Little Miss in Thirsties fitted just after one wash. Can you guess the rest of the story? Crying baby and a crazy Mama changing sheets at the middle of night! right? NO! This diaper is super duper absorbent! even after one wash!

Thirties OS Natural Fitted Diaper Review

Thirties OS Natural Fitted Diaper Review

Did Thirsties natural fitted impress me? That depends on what I was expecting from this diaper! Was I expecting a diaper to feel dry as bone? or was I expecting the diaper to keep everything in in-spite of being soaked? Almost every night time solution that I have tried so far was completely soaked and Thirties natural night time fitted diaper was no different. But without adding any booster this diaper did not leak a bit! So I did what I do to all my night time solutions to add up absorbency. I added a small Thirsties hemp insert! These inserts are God send. They are trim yet ultra absorbent and is a knight in a shining armour to my Thirsties night time fitted. If you have a medium/heavy wetter, Thirsties natural fitted while be suffcient on its own. But if you have a super heavy soaker  that you need to build a dam around to keep her from flooding,then feel free to use my trick and add a Thirties hemp insert! It’s going to get bulky but it works like a charm!

Thirties OS Natural Fitted Diaper Review

Thirties natural Fitted diapers are great for naps and regular day time use as well. I rarely cover up these diapers during daytime, unless I want to swoon over the pretty prints of Thristies Duo wraps. The double snap closure is easy and convenient to get proper fit. It gives you an option to stagger the fit around the legs and waists. You can pull the legs closer or waists wider with a double snap closure.


  • Made in North America : You know how much I love a good Canadian made diaper. Well, that love extends to diapers are that made in the US as well. It is a huge struggle to keep costs down and yet thriving to keep production local. The companies that does that definitely needs to be appreciated. One of my favourite things about Thirsties is how they are affordable without comprising the quality.
  • Absorbency: This diaper is a keeper. Made of absorbent combination of bamboo & cotton , this diaper will solve the night time cloth diapering needs of many families. If you are someone like me, who needs a little more absorbency, Thirsties also has some great boosters and the promising hemp inserts that can make this diaper fool proof for heavy wetters!
  • Tongue style soakers: The tongue style snap in soakers are very welcoming against the traditional everything sewn together type of fitteds. I feel they wash well since all the layers are exposed and can be rubbed against each other to get them properly cleaned. The tongue style inserts are my favourite for an another reason as well. These inserts make it easier for me to customize absorbency for a boy and a girl. I can fold the inserts at the back for my girl and I can do the opposite for my boy.
  • Support: Thirsties has bulit a great support system and they thrive to #makeclothmainstream. I personally love watching Laura’s live streams on Facebook and Instragram. You can even join the Thirsties group chat where you can ask any cloth diaper related questions and seek help.


  • The only qualm that I have for Thirsties night time fitted is it takes longer to dry. Especially around the leg elastics. I aim to line dry my diapers only. I occasionally throw my inserts in the dryer but this diaper needs to be tumble dried in the dryer.
  • I would like a stay dry top layer. I know that many of you are a fan of an all natural diaper but I prefer to have a stay dry top especially for night time.  But that’s a easy fix : throw a fleece liner on top of the diaper 😉

Thirsties Natural OS fitted is trim, absorbent and and moderately priced at around 33 CAD. This is an very affordable and promising night time solution. I highly recommend Thirsties Natural OS fitted diaper to anyone struggling to find a reliable night time cloth diaper.


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