The first thing that got my attention while shopping for Tots Bots TeenyFit was their captivating selection of nursery prints. Curious to know what inspired them to come up with such a brilliant idea I wrote to TotsBots. Read on and find out what TB team member shared with us;

Fiona, the owner of TotsBots comes up with all of the print design briefs and works very closely with the designers. The print ranges are about childhood really. The first thing we do with our babies is we sing to them. The aim was to make nappy changes more fun, her own experiences singing to her baby while he was on the nappy table gave her the idea. Seeing hickory dickory on the nappy hopefully will inspire a bit of singing during the nappy changes. We do hear lovely stories from our customers that when their baby gets bigger they actually pick the nappy for the next change and the nursery prints are usually on top of the list for exactly that reason.

I concur 100%. These prints have totally inspired me to sing to Princess during diaper changes. Prince loved picking this diaper for his baby sister and then I would sing while he giggled and mimicked the actions of ‘the clock struck one’.


The Tots Bots teeny fit is designed as an All In one with Pocket. This religious pocket diaper girl is slowly shifting towards ALL in One’s with pocket. How do you even call them? Pocket in All? All with Pocket? Anyways, these types of AIO’s are the best. Why you ask? There is no hunting down the inserts and stuffing because the inserts are attached to the nappy. Plus the pocket allows you to add boosters if you need to up your absorbency. Pretty cool right?

Tots Bots TeenyFit AIO review

The outer layer is the waterproof stretchy PUL and the absorbent core here is bamboo and minky aka ‘binky’. The nappy is designed to fit babies weighing from 5-12 pounds. Tots Bots are the only company in the whole world with Oeko-tex 100 certification which guarantees that no chemical product is used in the Tots Bots production process – from start to finish.


What I love about Tots Bots Teeny fit is its simplicity! No stuffing inserts, no fiddling with snaps, this nappy goes on and off like a disposable diaper, except that it can be reused. This was my hubby’s favourite nappy for the same reason. We used this diaper after the umbilical cord fell at around 7lbs. I am not so sure if I could have used this nappy with the cord because of the high rise and lack of umbilical cord snap down button.

Tots Bots TeenyFit AIO review


I have said it a hundred times and here I go one more time. I am a die hard velcro fan when it comes to newborn cloth diapers. Velcro that sticks to the laundry tabs and don’t feel the need to socialize with other diapers in the washer are my favourite kind. Tots Bots velcro is strong and strictly minds their own business in the wash-cylce. I like how the velcro is colour coordinated and not plain boring white.

The tongue style insert made of bamboo and minky can be stuffed inside the pocket or just laid over the nappy. The Tots Bots comes with a fleece liner that can be laid on top. The pocket opening is a bit narrow so I never liked stuffing the insert in. PUL flap at the back of the nappy prevents wicking onto the clothes.Tots Bots TeenyFit AIO review

Fit & Absorbency:

The Teeny Fit fits like a dream. The velcro closure is easy to use and gives a proper fit around the legs and waist.  This nappy is what I reach for when we are out and about. I could easily go on for 3 hours with this nappy without any leaks. There is a PUL lining that comes between the soaker and the leg elastics that prevents leg leaks and the back PUL flap prevent back leaks. Tots Bots has unparalleled leak protection in place.

Tots Bots TeenyFit AIO review

What I Love:

  • Made In Scotland with OEKO-TEX 100 certification.
  • All in One with pocket to add boosters.
  • The tongue style bamboo soaker is very absorbent.
  • The Velcro is strong and stays put in the washer.
  • PUL lining between the legs and PUL flap at the back to prevent leaks.
  • Adorable nursery prints.

What I like less:

  • No rise or umbilical cord snaps to make room for the cord.


These are one of the most sought after nappy for newborns for obvious reasons. The simple design is easy to use for dads, grand parents and sleep deprived mums. This nappy retails for around 25 CAD but if you shop around you might probably find some old prints on sale.

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