I love cloth diapers. It just has so much goodness. But that’s not how I felt when I first started. I was reluctant and hesitated a lot with lots of confusion and questions floating around my mind. If you are beginning to think about cloth diapering or just started using cloth, this post is to encourage you that you don’t have to feel over whelmed with cloth diapering. You don’t have to religiously use cloth 24*7. You can make that switch when you get comfortable with it. As with anything else there is a learning curve with cloth diapering. So instead of trying all at once and giving up, take your time and climb the ladder slowly and pretty soon you would want to use nothing but cloth 🙂

So here you go, here are my confessions when I switched for the more convinient disposables when things got a little difficult.


New born stage : When  Prince was born (he was my first child) I was already struggling with breast feeding, recovering from episiotomy and sleepless nights. Trying to figure out cloth diapers and the cloth diaper laundry was the last thing I wanted to do. I was too scared to use my diapers, I had no time to do extra laundry, and I had few packs of disposables from the hospital and from friends lying around which made me not reach for my cloth diapers. So for the first month Prince was in disposables after which I slowly made the switch to cloth.

Will I do it again? Probably not! I have been using cloth for a year now. Things that used to gross me out like rinsing poop has become my normal day to day routine. In fact with Princess I am all set to put her on cloth as soon as she is home.


Air travel: When Prince was about 4 months old we made a trip to India. It was a 26 hours plan ride including transit. I choose to use disposables because his sleep pattern was so disturbed so I didn’t want to use cloth that I have to wake him up just so I can change him. Also I was having a stroller, a diaper bag and another hand luggage and did not want to carry the extra cloth diapers in a wet bag.

Will it do it again? Probably! I now have diapers and inserts that could last 12 hours easily but I still wouldn’t want to carry anything additional than what I already have. But that’s just me. I know may people who are so comfortable with using cloth while travelling. Maybe I might change and reach that cloth diaper milestone next time?


Vacation: We stayed in India for about 4 months and during that time we shuttled between my place and my husbands. I used cloth when I was in my place but at my husband place the washing machine was not equipped to cleanse my diapers properly. My diapers started to stink. I tried hand washing the diapers but still couldn’t get them clean. Probably because the water was so hard and I did not have a proper cloth friendly detergent? So for a couple of weeks here and there I used disposables.

Will I do it again? Hmm..!! I might try giving cloth a shot. I will remember to pack my cloth diaper detergent from here or see if I can find something that would work better there. Also I might try adding water softener to see if that would make a difference.


Night time : Until Prince was about 6 months I used the kawaii good night heavy wetter as his night diaper. As he got older I did not have a night diaper that would contain all his pee. So I used disposables at night. Honestly he is 1 now and I still feel reluctant to try cloth diapers at night. With work, being pregnant and running after a toddler I really need a good night sleep and I cant afford to get up to do a diaper change in the middle of the night . But I really think its high time that I switch to cloth at night. So I bought some amp hemp pre-folds recently and I just need to prep them fully before trying them over night. Fingers crossed !

Will I do it again ? Im gonna wait and update this part later after actually trying out different options.


Through sickness: Prince was about 11 months when he had a stomach infection. He had got salmonella from somewhere and had horrible diarrhea for 10 days. He was a pooping left right and center more than 10- 12 times a day. He had stomach cramps, horrible diaper rash, was extremely fuzzy and wanted to be held all the time. I used disposables to keep him dry and also to be able to apply the zinc based diaper rash cream.

Will I do it again? May or may not! Right now I don’t have that big stash to change him 15 times a day and still be able to launder 2 times a week. If I ever build a big stash and happen to have disposable liners I might use cloth.

I hope this post encourages you to try cloth diapers even if you are not sure if you will be able to do it full time. Cloth diapering is not all or nothing. Even by choosing cloth part time you are saving a lot of money and there are less disposable in the land fill. And don’t feel guilty about using disposables every once in a while. And for the cloth diapering experts out there, please don’t judge us when you see us with a disposable diaper. We are figuring this out in our own pace.