2017 Winter themed cloth diaper releasesWinter is in full swing here in Saskatchewan and pretty much every other part of Canada. The freezing temperature is sucking out all my holiday cheer and makes me want  to jump into the bed and never get out. Alas, life goes on, vacation days come to an end and I need to bundle up and kick myself to work.

Confession: Winter is not my favorite season. I start to feel sad at the end of fall, but the soaring Christmas spirit keeps me high. Now, that the Christmas is come and gone, I’m trying hard to find reasons to enjoy winter. Nothing cheers me up like new Cloth diaper releases. What’s a better way to beat the winter blues than by making a round-up of all the Winter / Holiday Themed Cloth diaper releases? Behold, I present to you all the winter-themed cloth diapers, that reminds you of all of the wonderful things that winter is. Just for funsies, I also create a poll where you can vote for your most favorite winter diaper.

With our further ado, let’s hear it for the Winter themed cloth diaper’s 2017.

Omaiki Northern Chrismtas winter cloth diapers

Omaiki – Northern Christmas: Blue and white! Beautiful sight! Omaiki Northen Christmas paints a simple sweet picture of a magical white Christmas with serene sapphire trees and reindeers. Oh, Did you catch the little red bird with an Omaiki tag on it? So pure and divine, isn’t it?

NorthEast Winter /Holiday Cloth diapers


Easy PeasiesNorth East : Just look at the vibrant ombre shades of cranberry, will you? I’m swooning hard over here! That is one gorgeous diaper! Don’t you agree? The wild horses, cats, owls and maple leaf depicts Canadian wilderness in all its majesty.

Thirsties Waddling Wonderland Winter /Holiday Cloth diapers


Thirsties – Waddling Wonderland: Penguins are so freaking adorable! And what’s even more adorable? A waddle of penguins on your baby’s bum – That’s what! Spending time in the ‘Waddling Wonderland,’ dancing and tobogganing with penguins, is what I would have wished for Christmas when I was a kid.

Funky Fluff It's a wrap Winter /Holiday Cloth diapers

Funky Fluff: It’s a Wrap: Penguins and a perfectly wrapped bow on my baby’s bum? Just take my money!  Funky Fluff is nailing it with their trademark ‘perfect bum’ cloth diaper prints, and I love it.

Buttons Pine & Pome Winter /Holiday Cloth diapers

Buttons – Pine & Pome: Buttons had not one but two festive releases this season – Pine and Pome. I love Pine – it makes me think of snow covered trees and over-sized pine cones. But I also like the deep pink color of Pome.

Smart Bottoms Jolly Drawers Winter /Holiday Cloth diapers

Smart Bottoms – Jolly Drawers : Do you wait for the cold weather to kick in to pull out your favorite ugly sweater? Well, Now, Both you and your baby can rock the classic ‘Ugly Sweater’ look with Smart Bottoms Jolly Drawers!

Bummis Ugly Sweater Winter /Holiday Cloth diapers

Bummis – Ugly Sweater – Not just an another “Ugly Sweater” diaper. It’s Bummis PURE! Pure Perfection, that’s what it is! It’s festive, it’s fabulous, and it’s Canadian, Baby!!

Applecheeks Boreal Blitz Winter /Holiday Cloth diapers

AppleCheeks – Boreal Blitz: Borel Blitz is one spectacular diaper! It is breathtakingly beautiful! And I think’s this is the most iconic AppleCheeks print EVER! The deep radiant spectrum of colors and the ‘apple’ leaves me captivated! I’m just a tad sad that it’s an American exclusive (Nicki’s Diapers), but Hey, there are always group buy’s,  BST’s and friendly shipping fairies:)

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Now for the best part, Let us know what is your most favorite Winter/ Holiday Cloth Diaper? I know! I know! It’s hard just to pick one. If you are just as indecisive as me, feel free to vote for one or more or all of them 🙂